Anti-vaccine myths debunked?

Professor Brendan Murphy, Australia’s chief medical officer, says that there is no truth in the anti-vaccine campaign. And he’s a professor, so he knows, right? Wrong. Very wrong. Just the idea that an “education campaign” will work where blackmail failed is so absurd, that you can’t take the person suggesting it seriously.

“suggested autism might be linked to vaccines was “completely false and has been debunked.” Professor, did you see the movie Vaxxed? Or are you saying that everyone is lying, including official CDC documents? You say that thoroughly proven CDC fraud is a figment of the imagination? Then you live in fantasy land yourself. I suppose you didn’t like the movie to be such a success and now you are showing your despair? Not smart to show it so clearly. It will just make more people wonder what your problem is.

“with evidence-based information that parents could easily access.” Evidence-based information? I would like to see that. My guess is that it will be just the same unscientific propaganda as usual. 8522258-3x2-340x227Professor, you cannot convince anyone with repeating the same old stuff again and again. You would have to come with something new. Maybe you can make a documentary about a pro-vax whistleblower who exposes all the anti-vax lies? Somehow I feel like it wouldn’t quite work, because you couldn’t find the evidence.

“Nationally the immunisation rate is 93 per cent” I would love to see proof of that. Parents stop vaccinating in large numbers. Many others never even start. And nobody changes their mind once they stop (though some can be blackmailed). But the government keeps telling us that the vaccination rates remain stable, or even go up. Something is seriously wrong with the statistics.

“our job here to say that message is false, untrue, incorrect.” Now it gets funny. Your job is to say this? Wouldn’t it be your job to prove this? You know, many parents have found truckloads of proof to know that vaccinations and unsafe and ineffective. You telling them that they are wrong won’t make a difference. Don’t treat the citizens of Australia like they are just as dumb as their government. It will backfire big time, you know.

“in relation to a [measles] breakout at a local school,” Mr. Hunt, you speak like a politician who has no idea about reality. Oh wait, you are. Two cases of measles is not an outbreak. It’s not worth media hysteria. It’s not news. It’s just two cases of measles. Just like there are cases of measles everywhere. But in vaccinated children the disease is not diagnosed as such.

“Our baby Dana died from whooping cough.” Every baby who dies is a tragedy. But many babies get whooping cough and survive. With the right treatment it’s nothing but a very unpleasant experience. On the other hand at least one baby a week dies from the whooping cough vaccine. Why doesn’t that get any attention from the government? An education campaign should show both sides of the story. Else it’s a propaganda campaign. The government has used the help of this family multiple times before. It didn’t work then, it won’t work now. Come with something new, Mr. Hunt.“Doctors said diseases like measles could be wiped out through immunisation.”Doctors say a lot, but that doesn’t mean they are correct. Doctors are trained and actively encouraged not to diagnose vaccine diseases in vaccinated individuals. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, but the only thing that gets wiped out is the diagnosis, not the disease. Families who stop vaccinating usually know this. You can’t fool them anymore repeating the same old stuff.

“But Professor Murphy said nearly eradicated diseases like polio could also spread again” Also polio has been nominally eradicated by renaming it. There are now more people with paralytic diseases and more people using ventilators than there ever were before 1950. Renaming a disease doesn’t make the vaccine effective. It just shows how ineffective the vaccine is. After all, if it would work the renaming trick wouldn’t be necessary.

“seeing the horrible complications from measles,” Professor Murphy, you are now intentionally telling lies. Or you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. And again, the parents who have stopped vaccinating know that you are lying. So repeating your lies might make them laugh or shake their heads, but that’s about it.

“Parents need facts and that is what this campaign does. Get the facts.” Your campaign will present facts? That I would like to see. So far it sounds like it will be nothing more than a repetition of the old propaganda. And if you would know anything about psychology you would know that this campaign will just make more people curious why you think you need to repeat the old stuff. And why you can’t come with something new and convincing. Just like all the negative talk about the movie Vaxxed made people go to the screenings in large crowds. I would like to know how many people have Googled Vaxxed after the avalanche of warnings. Your new campaign will likely do the same.

“Immunisation is incredibly safe, and it does save lives.” Why don’t the manufacturers accept liability for a product that is so incredibly safe? Can you explain that, professor? And if vaccines are such a fantastic product, then why exactly do you feel that you need to spend 5.5 million dollars for an advertising campaign? A good product sells itself. You don’t need to blackmail people to buy it. And BTW, I can imagine that many people are not happy that so much tax money is spent for an advertising campaign. It gives them the feeling that you have other interests than the health of the people.

Vaccinations are not based on science. From the very beginning they were based on myths, lies and greed. And luckily the people start to see that. A government campaign won’t change that. And that is really not rocket science.


One thought on “Anti-vaccine myths debunked?

  1. Perhaps he can explain why the incident of Alzheimer’s and other dementias diagnosed in younger people is on the rise. Some are as young as in their forties. Both Mercury and aluminium are found in their brains.


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