Iron, rust and Alzheimer’s disease

Australian researchers say they have discovered a new link between Alzheimer’s disease and the levels of iron in the brain. They can think all kinds of things, but that doesn’t mean that they are correct.

They start out with an assumption that has been proven to be incorrect: “amyloid — the Alzheimer’s protein”. That story about amyloid plaques and Alzheimer’s has been debunked decades ago, but that is generally ignored. Modern scientists do that a lot, which automatically makes their work unscientific.

“Three-dimensional brain scans suggest lower iron levels may delay the progress of memory loss” It suggests that it may. That’s not a discovery, that’s a theory.  “scientists have known for some time that iron levels in the brain rise with age.” Why? Is there a reason for this? Does it happen to everyone? If it doesn’t happen in everyone, then this statement is incorrect and the rest of the research is rubbish.

“this iron elevation that occurs in humans and all mammals is unnecessary,” Unnecessary? According to whom? Considering that evolution doesn’t allow for flawed design you say now that God has made a mistake. That’s quite arrogant, professor Bush. I tend to not listen to people with a god complex. ” if the two phenomenon occur together you get conditions that appear to lead to Alzheimer’s disease.” If that happens. So under what circumstances does that happen and why does it happen so much more now than a hundred years ago? Dementia is an epidemic and that has very little to do with the increased age of the population.


“amyloid, which scientists have long known” Nope, they have assumed that for a long time. And once it was proven to be incorrect they didn’t correct their assumption. And from that moment research became pseudo-science. “the amyloid with such high levels of iron that seems to set up the deterioration.” Professor Bush, how large was your control group? How many old people without cognitive problems did you put into your scanners? I assume none, as that would not be ethical and it would be hard to find volunteers. Without a control group your findings are worth nothing.

“occur very early on and allow us to actually predict the age at which a person is going to come down with symptoms.” You can predict that? How would you know? You make gigantic assumptions here, which most probably will never amount to anything. Like with most medical research.

“That’s going to help us with our drug-making in particular.” Professor Bush, can I ask who paid for this research? It sounds like you were just told to come up with something that would create options for a new drug. But I’ll tell you a secret: Alzheimer’s disease is not caused by lack of a drug. No disease is caused by lack of toxic pharmaceuticals. On the other hand, these drugs do cause a lot of disease. Why won’t you do a study to see if there is a correlation between the use of certain drugs and Alzheimer’s? Just a suggestion. It would make a lot of sense, wouldn’t it? Except that it will be hard to find anyone who would pay for this.

Here’s another suggestion. Cultures that eat a lot of turmeric and coconut oil have very low incidence of Alzheimer’s. That strongly suggests Alzheimer’s is an inflammatory disease. You see, professor, that makes sense. And I’m sure that it could pretty easily be proven to be correct. So why don’t you do some useful research for a change?


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