A new drug to fight viruses

Researchers think they will soon have a “breakthrough” drug to help the immune system fight viruses. But the immune system works on things like good food, lack of poison, fresh air, sunshine and happiness. So how can a toxic drug help?

The new drug would “negate the need for some vaccinations”. That sounds odd. Vaccines are the backbone of the pharmaceutical industry and their only hope in financially uncertain times. So why would they want something that takes away the needs for vaccines?

“They said the treatment could help save the lives of 3,000 Australians aged over 50 who died each year because of the flu,” 3000? Over 50? That almost sounds like the flu is a dangerous disease that can even kill middle aged people. Luckily that’s not true. These kind of numbers are completely made up. It’s not so easy to determine the cause of death, especially when someone has multiple medical problems, which is often the case nowadays. So if someone has lung problems, bad kidneys and a very bad immune system and then the flu makes a visit, then the person doesn’t die from the flu. He/she dies from a very weak body, that can’t handle the flu anymore. And many of these people end up in hospital, which is so dangerous that almost anyone who “died from the flu” probably died from the bad medical treatment.

8721202-3x2-340x227“enhanced viral disease in mice” and was highly likely to have the same effect in humans.” Let’s put this into the category wishful thinking. Many things that work fine in mice and rabbits do not work in humans. Besides it’s often overlooked that the mice die or get health problems after the treatment and that is usually something that does show up in humans as well.

“protein that causes inflammation” Inflammation is a very important reaction. Something you really don’t want to mess with. “reduces the immune system’s ability to clear infection”. Now it gets interesting. The science behind the flu is laughable, as I explain here. Viruses don’t cause disease anyway, so how exactly does the immune system clear an infection with a non-existing pathogen?

“Professor Doug Brooks said viruses had evolved over the past 500 million years”. Professor, I can only shake my head here. You are using the belief in evolution to explain non-existing viruses? I would have thought that someone with the title professor would at least use a bit of science. But you have entered now the area of pure fiction. You should consider writing novels.

“You don’t get all the cell death, all the inflammation and all of the mucus.” So you are saying that all those billions of years of evolution have resulted in a body that doesn’t know how to fight an infection. You are saying that what the body is doing is wrong. That definitely sounds like you have a god complex, but that doesn’t combine well with your belief in evolution.

“with no side effects” No side effects? That would be the first drug that doesn’t have any side-effects. Someone should really draw you back to reality. “unnecessary to create new flu vaccines each year” And why would anyone (except the ordinary person) want that?8721284-3x2-700x467 Even though the flu shot sales go down every year, the profits are still pretty high. Big Pharma won’t let anyone get in between them and their profits. Unless they would expect this new drug to become a blockbuster, which is highly unlikely. “the body could generate its own antibodies”: But professor, don’t you know that antibodies have nothing to do with immunity? That has already been known for a very long time. If you don’t know that, then why would anyone take you seriously?

“anti-viral drugs that must be taken in the early days of contracting a virus to be effective,” Anti-viral drugs effective? I suppose that depends on your definition of efficacy. Do these drugs kill viruses? Well, they are so toxic that they kill loads of things in the body, also the viruses that the body produces to get healthy. Virus dead, patient dead, drug effective. Hardly the kind of drug that doesn’t have any side effects. If you compare your product to these drugs, then we can only expect the worst.

Let’s face it: the last thing the world needs is another flu-fighting drug. The current anti-viral drugs have already killed many and saved none. There is no reason to think that a drug that interferes with the defense mechanisms of the body will be any better. The best way to get over the flu quickly is to take high doses of vitamin C and D. Cheap and totally safe. (Don’t you know that, professor?) Add a box of tissues and few days off work and you will be fine. The most important thing to do when you have the flu is to stay away from doctors. They will give you all kinds of drugs that only increase your chances of death. And that, professor Brooks, has been thoroughly scientifically proven.


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