The health of donor children

Whenever you see the word “research” you should always be careful. Usually what follows is a lot of fiction. But sometimes it’s more than fiction. Sometimes research is just a joke. Like the study that looked at how children are doing that have been conceived with donor sperm. 

Considering that many children are conceived this way it’s not likely that such a study will have a negative outcome. That would simply be unacceptable. Not only would a negative study not be published, it won’t even happen. Study results are not hard to manipulate and that happens all the time. But with this study that is so easy that the outcome was clearly predetermined and the study of no value whatsoever. A waste of time and money.

7457756-3x2-340x227The researchers looked at both the physical and mental health of these children. There is absolutely no reason to think that donor sperm children would be in worse physical health than others. Unless only donors with loads of health problems would be used, which is not a likely scenario. But another question is how you can possibly know if donor children are in worse physical health, considering sickness is the standard nowadays and healthy children are becoming an anomaly. When everyone is sick you can’t easily determine whether someone has health problems due to being a donor kid.

“in fact on several of the measures, they seemed to actually be doing better.” Dr. Amor, give me one reason why this would be anything else than wishful thinking and manipulation of the results. What reason could there possibly be that these kids do better? “Researchers also found a child’s family structure — such as same-sex, different-sex or single parent, did not appear to affect their wellbeing.” Really? Any other result would be completely socially and politically unacceptable. This had to be the result of the study. “previous studies focused on newborns.” I would love to see these studies. Did they ask newborns how they felt about having two mothers, or growing up with a man who is not your biological father? These researchers are just creating work for themselves and I wonder who funds this kind of stuff.

“mental health and development through questionnaires answered by their mothers” This is laughable. Questionnaires are known to be a very poor source of information, as people tend not to fill them in honestly. We like to see ourselves as better than we are. Now mothers must answer questions that will say whether they made a good or a bad choice when using donor sperm to get a child. The chance that mothers will give unfavourable answers is close to zero. That is the reason why these kids came out as healthier than others. This is not research, it’s a joke. A high school student would get a bad mark for this kind of study.

7152700-3x2-340x227“they have had health problems which they can’t attribute to their biological parents.” Well, children have more and more health problems that cannot be attributed to biological parents. School age children have been exposed to so much poison, both from doctors and otherwise, that it’s hard to know what could be a biological influence and what’s caused by the environment. Previous generations simply didn’t have this problem.

“Professor Amor is confident in the study’s results.” Of course he is. He can’t really admit that he wasted time and money for a completely useless study. Most researchers are confident in the work they do, no matter how useless it is. “we are confident that our results are representative of the donor-conceived population as a whole,” You mean that all mothers of donor kids would give highly biased answers on your questionnaire? I would think that that is true. But if everyone gives biased answers that doesn’t make your study any more valuable. A lot of rubbish doesn’t make a pearl.

The article doesn’t mention if this study has been published, but I assume so, for else nobody would know about it. It’s generally pretty hard to get studies published. That rubbish like this gets a place somewhere only shows that a lot of research is even worse than this. Why on earth do researchers have the status that they have? They should better get a job as a rubbish collector. Then they would do something useful. Now they just add to the pile.


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