Possible allergy treatment

Allergies are a very serious health problem, but instead of looking at the causes researchers are very busy looking for treatments. And some Australian researchers have found something that possibly could help in ten years. It says a lot about  medical research that this is presented as a “major breakthrough”. If a vague possibility in ten years is something to celebrate, then you can safely assume that the value of medical research is almost non-existent. Which is actually the reality.

“The researchers believe a simple injection that will “turn off” the immune response” Does that really sound like a good idea? Turning off the immune system has been done before, with disastrous results. Why do they think that this time they can do it better? The body does everything for a reason and messing with this process seems like a bad idea. The result could be “you will have to live the rest of your life in a sterile room, but at least you don’t have asthma anymore”. 8585606-3x2-700x467

“Learning how to turn off this immune response has been a challenge for immunotherapy for a long time,”Dr. Steptoe, do you really have any idea how the immune system works? Or are you just trying loads of things till you have found something that works? If it would be the first, then you would also know what causes all these allergies. So unless you are particularly blind, it must be the second. Endless experiments are likely to give some result at some point, but if you don’t know what exactly you are doing, then the effects in patients will likely be very bad.

“occur when immune cells known as T-cells react to the protein in allergens.” Allergies are a new phenomenon. So dr. Steptoe, have you first investigated what causes these T-cells to react like this? I give you a hint. Allergies didn’t exist till the needle and syringe had been invented. Injecting people with all kinds of plant and animal proteins, could that possibly be the reason why the T-cells have got confused? Just a suggestion of course.

“The challenge is that these T-cells develop a form of immune ‘memory'” It sounds to me like this memory is a very useful feature. Turning it off might not be a good idea. And isn’t the whole vaccine business based on immunity and this memory? I can see a few problems here.

“We have now been able ‘wipe’ the memory of these T-cells in animals with gene therapy” Gene therapy? If anything is a recipe for disaster it’s messing with genes. Nobody has any idea what genes are or what they do, so this kind of research is completely based on trial and error, hoping to find something that works. Do you notice that dr. Steptoe forgets to say what the fate of the animals was? Always pay attention to what is not said. If the animals would be doing great, he would have said that. As he doesn’t mention it the animals probably died soon after the gene therapy.

asthma“It does it in a highly targeted way, without turning off the memory that is protective” Ah, he had thought about this. But I don’t believe him. Not with probably a bunch of dead lab rats and ten years to figure out what they are doing. The doctor is doing a lot of wishful thinking. “the important immune response you get from vaccinations, ” If he believes this he is a useless researcher. If he knows this is rubbish he has an alternative agenda. In both cases his research cannot be trusted. Oops!

“when a safe one-off treatment may be available that has the potential to eliminate any experience of asthma in vulnerable patients,” “may”, “potential”, “experience” and “vulnerable patients”. And that will take ten years to find out. Can I laugh? Any researcher worth his wages knows that vaccines are chockful of plant and animal proteins, which after injection cause the immune system to start doing things it shouldn’t do. Injections are completely unnatural and so you can expect trouble. Going against nature always leads to disasters, but people do not have the habit to learn from history. And medical researchers are the worst of all. Their work is for 99.99% useless and I cannot imagine they don’t know this. But they keep going on doing the same stuff, hoping that this time it will be different. It won’t be. It cannot be. As also this piece of “breakthrough” reasearch belongs in the rubbish bin.


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