Eczema and flu shots

A new study suggests that flu shots might not be as effective in people with eczema. There are multiple things wrong with the title of this article. First of all, flu shots are 100% ineffective in everyone, as I explained in this blog. So how can something that is not effective be less effective? Another serious problem is that people with eczema shouldn’t be vaccinated to start with. For a long time it was the official guideline that children with eczema should never get vaccinated again. This guideline disappeared when so many children got eczema that the whole vaccination scheme would have fallen apart.

Let’s look at the study.  “The problem seems to lie” and “that seems to dampen”. That doesn’t sound very convincing. It’s more like the researchers say “we don’t know, but we make some guesses”. With “immune response” they mean the development of antibodies. I’m sure baby eczema 1the researchers know that antibodies have nothing to do with immunity, but they talk about immune response anyway. Never let the truth ruin your fancy studies.

“Leung’s team believes”. They believe? I thought we were talking science, not religion. “are likely to get the most protection”. That sounds again like wishful thinking that’s not based on any kind of fact.

“compared with 47 percent of those who received an injection into the muscle”. 47% sounds like a very poor vaccine, especially considering that many people are forced to get this vaccine for work “to protect others”. Or to go to school. How is that possible with a vaccine that doesn’t work more than half of the time?

“The researchers said it’s not yet clear” Let me guess: they need to do more research for this. ” Staph bacteria also produce toxins that typically inhibit the activity of certain immune-system cells” It would be interesting to find out why this happens, considering that those bacteria are there for a reason. Eczema is an auto-immune condition, so it might make sense that certain immune-system cells are not too active then. If they would work normally the eczema would likely be a lot worse. But I suppose this makes way too much sense. And finding the cause of problems is usually not very interesting, as it could cause prevention and if people wouldn’t get sick the researchers would be out of work. So it’s better to give a flu shot, which is known to cause auto-immune diseases.

“He also believes the study highlights why children with eczema, especially, should get the flu shot.” Wow. Talk about irresponsible. As I stated above, for a long time the guideline was that children with eczema should never ever get vaccinated again. eczema adultDr. Krilov seems to have forgotten that, or more likely he simply ignores it. “potential immune weakness in children with eczema”. Now I’m getting confused. Immuno-compromised people cannot be vaccinated, which is the reason why everyone else should get vaccinated. But now at once children with a weak immune system should be the first to get vaccinated. Get your stories straight, doctor. You can’t have your cake and eat it.

Reality is simple. Flu shots don’t work and contain a large amount of highly toxic substances. The latter is a known fact and not open for discussion. At the end of the article it says “more information”. I would like to know who has funded this study. It sounds very much like a study-on-demand, sponsored by the manufacturers of flu shots. Why else would any researcher produce this kind of poor quality fiction?


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