How extreme is the weather?

We have a hot summer in parts of Australia and you can wait for the climate scientists to start about their beloved topic and their livelyhood. The heatwaves are attributed to climate change and “extreme weather becomes the new norm“. But how extreme was it really? Well, parts of Australia indeed had very hot weather. Other areas had not so hot weather. And some areas were actually very cold. So what weather are we talking about? Maybe the 15 degrees in Melbourne was pretty extreme, or maybe it’s quite common. I don’t live there, so I don’t know the details. But extremely cold in summer doesn’t seem to be the topic of discussion. It’s way too inconvenient to talk about among climate scientists, who habitually ignore everything that doesn’t suit them.

5068010-3x2-340x227“some of the best brains in the country are fed up.” Best brains? Let’s say that the person who wrote this exaggerated. If you believe every piece of nonsense you are told you don’t have a good brain, for it doesn’t get enough exercise. “And global warming was never far from the guests’ lips.” Really? A conference for climate scientist has not much else to talk about than climate change. It’s the only thing they do. It might be more useful if they would talk about tennis or dogs, but that’s not likely. It does show immediately that such conferences are useless. These people just tell each other how fantastic they are, how much they know and how stupid people are who don’t believe them.

“while we continue to do the science as best we can,” I fear that indeed you are doing science as best as you can. But the problem is that your best is not very good. “There are people who don’t think in scientific terms”. Well, maybe they use common sense. And if science contradicts common sense and basic observations, guess which one is right. Climate science habitually contradicts common sense and basic observations. But that is something that doesn’t bother the scientists. They are just bothered that people don’t listen to them anymore. “don’t want to accept the basic laws of nature”. Grin, dr. Glikson, you are funny. You suggest that you have any idea what causes weather? Then I suggest you start teaching meteorologists how to forecast tomorrow’s weather. As long as that’s very difficult you better don’t start about the weathter forecast for 2030. Nobody knows what causes certain types of weather. “have some vested interest” I’m not sure if this comment is hilarious or pathetic. My vested interest is obviously to get five more people to read my blog. On the other hand, your vested interest is your prestigious and no doubt well paid job. Guess who is biased?

“All-time records were set over the weekend in several locations” Everyone who has studied the topic a bit knows that such records have no scientific meaning whatsoever. Even the statistical value is low, as the location of measuring now is not the same as the location 100, 50, 30 or even ten years ago. A large number of factors increase the measured temperatures and it’s not remotely possible to reliably correct for those influences.

“searing temperatures were the new norm”. Mr. Braganza, which searing temperatures are you talking about? The icy cold in Melbourne, or the cold December in Perth? Or are you just talking about the few places that suffered a 1:25 years heatwave? Also were I live we actually had a pretty cool November and December. Sorry, inconvenient fact, I suppose. “it’s a record-breaking heatwave” I have lived in Australia for 12 years now and this was the first summer that it was this hot. Before that I experienced a lot of pretty cold summers in Europe. So where are all those record-breaking heatwaves?

“wettest February since 1955, and the second wettest from records back to 1900.” So what? What does it mean that one area of this huge land mass is very wet? In my area it wasn’t very wet or very dry. How is average rainfall explained by climate change?8264298-3x2-700x467

“the concept of a new geological era dominated by the influence of humans” I’m getting a headache now. Geology? What on earth (pun intended) has geology to do with climate? “We are moving into this era when humans are the major force on the planet” Well, we are with more than 7 billion of humans, so that’s to be expected. But again, what does this have to do with climate? The leaps these people make are so big that a kangaroo can learn from it.

If you need a geologist to make your case for climate change, then you are in a very sad state. Obviously climate scientists are so tired of their useless job that they couldn’t find anyone to say something intelligent at this conference. Well, that’s to be expected. These people know the hoax is pretty much over, but they fear for their jobs. So they huddle together telling each other how fantastic they are. Let them enjoy it. I would rather deal with 45 degrees in our tiny cottage than spending a few hours at such a conference. The first I survive, the second I probably wouldn’t. (Don’t worry, I wasn’t invited anyway.)


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