Cervical cancer and the myth of HPV

A new study says that screening for cervical cancer can start at age 25, instead of age 18. Study here, study there, studies everywhere and every study says something different and no study shows any actual science. Everyone is just doing something and hopes that it works.

“The research by the Cancer Council of New South Wales” A study from the Cancer Council can best be ignored. The Cancer Council is not interested in prevention of cancer, as no cancer would equal no income for them. They wouldn’t want to lose all those billions of dollars they get every year. So if they say a screening program works better in a different way, then you can be sure it means more cancer.7321042-3x2-340x227

“National Cervical Screening Program (NCSP)” Pay attention to the smokescreen. Pap smears used to screen for cervical cancer, or something that looked like it. This new program won’t screen for cancer anymore, it will only screen cervixes. But nobody will tell the women so. “A human papilloma virus (HPV) test will replace the current pap smear examination.” The pap smears were already far from reliable, but now they won’t even test for actual cancer anymore. They will just test for a virus, which is assumed to cause cancer, but is known to not do so in most people, and is not even present in many other people. This means that a poor test is replaced with a useless test. And somehow this is considered progress.

“cervical cancer was rare for women under the age of 25, many of whom were now vaccinated against HPV.” Cervical cancer is pretty rare for everyone. And it’s known that the HVP vaccine significantly increases the chances for cervical cancer, so there is a bit of a problem here. Mrs. Smith, do you have any idea what you are talking about? Do you have any proof that HPV causes cancer? (I can tell you that you don’t have that proof. You just have a lot of fiction and a good PR machine to make the people believe that your fiction is fact.)

“This test will be a test for HPV, the virus that virtually causes all cervical cancers,” Wow. Either Mrs. Smith is dumb and has no idea about the lack of science, or she tries to intentionally deceive the people. Does she also know that tests for viruses are highly unreliable? Does she actually know what a virus is? I don’t feel like she does. “This new, more accurate, test will only need to be done every five years.” And Santa Claus lives at the South Pole. This test per definition is unreliable and per definition won’t say anything about cervical cancer. How long will it take before high numbers of women will be diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer because the test appeared to be a disaster?

“So, it doesn’t appear that screening women before the age of 25 is very effective.” That’s obvious. Did you also do a thorough study to see if HPV screening in women over 25 would be of any use? You can wonder how they know these things anyway, as cervical cancer is very rare among younger women. So if a HPV infection won’t cause cancer for 30 years, then how would they know anything about screening or the vaccine? They can’t know it, as the results won’t show up for at least another 20 years.

hpv-virusMedical tests are unreliable, but some more so than others. Viral tests are pretty much useless and even if you would have a reliable test that wouldn’t mean anything. How many healthy people would test positive for the flu, the measles or shingles? Nobody knows, as healthy people aren’t tested. And nobody wants to do that study, as it might show up that everyone is chock full of viruses, which would undermine the viral theory completely. So what does it mean to have a positive HPV test? Absolutely nothing.

So will it be a problem that pap smears won’t be done anymore and cervical cancer might not be found till the later stages? As long as most people choose for conventional cancer treatments it’s probably a good thing if the cancers are not found early. It will give women a lot more time and many cancers disappear on their own anyway, without any treatment. Anything that will stop people from getting killed by cancer treatments is a good thing. So though this HPV test is completely useless, it might save lives in the end. Just not in the way the researchers tell us.


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