The Zika epidemic that will never happen

Obviously the world isn’t scared enough of the Zika virus, for new research has shown that the world should prepare for a world-wide epidemic of microcephaly, which they say is caused by the Zika virus. There are just some problems with the science.

First of all we should know how many babies with microcephaly are actually born in a certain country. You would think that those numbers are based on solid diagnosis, but that’s not true. The diagnosis is made based on the measurement of an infants head. But nobody knows what’s normal and when there is a problem. Many babies who were diagnosed with microcephaly appeared later to be perfectly normal, without any disabilities. Measuring with a tape measure isn’t the most accurate way to diagnose anything and the number can easily be 1 or 2 cm off. But also the diagnostic criteria for microcephaly are regularly adjusted and are probably different from one country to another, maybe even from one hospital to another. There’s no science in there whatsoever. It’s just wild guesses. But of course this gives a variety of options to manipulate numbers. To create an epidemic of microcephaly you only need to adjust the criteria with a few cm and the number will skyrocket.7124392-3x2-340x227

“The team reported that a study of newborn babies in Brazil found nearly half of 32 babies with microcephaly had traces of Zika virus in their blood or cerebrospinal fluid.” Nearly half?  (What about an exact number?) Other studies put that percentage a lot lower, but let’s assume that this is correct. Then you don’t have any proof whatsoever of a connection. Based on these numbers researchers should immediately start looking for other causes. But viruses are hot and there is an awful lot of money in viruses, so logic, common sense and real science are happily abandoned.

“Brazil, one of the countries hardest hit by the Zika outbreak.” Well, not really. Brazil was hit hard by the hysteric scare campaign that the WHO started. But that’s about it. That huge outbreak of babies with microcephaly didn’t exist. It was made up. In the end the 4800 suspected cases was nothing more than 402 babies with microcephaly “or another neurological disorder” (this was an official statement from the Brazilian government). As I pointed out, diagnosing microcephaly is not so easy in a baby and putting it into one box with other neurological disorders is a huge red flag. This practice is usually applied in situations where the real numbers need to be hidden. No matter how you look at it, there was no outbreak of handicapped babies. It was completely made up by the WHO.

“The researchers wrote that the “striking association” Striking association? Are you kidding? I don’t see much of an association at all, let alone a striking one. Besides, wasn’t there something like “correlation doesn’t prove causation”? If the correlation is already so lose, then the causation of most likely non-existing. The conclusion is completely absurd.

“The researchers also proposed adding Zika to a category of congenital infections known to happen before or during birth.” For we absolutely need to make women scared. If you aren’t scared enough about the microcephaly then we will make up other stories. As long as you are scared, so that you will get the vaccine as soon as it’s available. A vaccine that of course won’t have been tested on pregnant women, so the women and their babies will be exposed to serious risks. But if it goes wrong, then the Zika virus can easily be blamed. 7124322-3x2-340x227That’s how it always goes.

“compare children with microcephaly to a “control” sample of healthy children” First, you don’t know for sure if the first group had microcephaly. And second, who where the children in the control group? If they are from a totally different risk group the comparison becomes completely invalid. But such details are usually not explained.

“The team found 80 per cent of women who gave birth to babies with microcephaly had been infected by Zika while pregnant, compared with 64 per cent of mothers who delivered healthy babies.” So that’s a 16% difference in a small group of people. That is what scientists call “not statistically significant”. Add to this that tests for viruses are notoriously unreliable and the difference becomes non-existent. Again, completely made up. It’s amazing how these people can present useless data like they are really important. They cannot possibly believe this themselves, but I’m sure many people will accept it. If you use the right words you can make people believe that it has been scientifically proven that Santa Claus lives at the South Pole.

“The team found that not all infants diagnosed with microcephaly had abnormalities show up in brain scans.” This is added as a last sentence, but it’s extremely important. A small sample and “not all” infants actually had the problems. Well, all they did was a brain scan, but also those scans are notoriously unreliable. Many people with abnormal scan results don’t have any problems.

Conclusion: this research is garbage and the numbers prove it. That the researchers try to convince the world with these numbers that Zika is dangerous is pathetic. They cannot possibly believe this themselves. They know that none of those numbers have any scientific significance. If this is the best they can do then the truth is particularly obvious: Zika is not dangerous and it does not cause diseases. Not in babies and not in adults. Let’s close the book on Zika.


2 thoughts on “The Zika epidemic that will never happen

  1. Wow, well done. Even if 5,000 had microcephaly, people seem to forget that in USA 25,000 babies are born with microcephaly each year, and have been for a few years, no zika at all. The fact that 40,000 children a year go missing in Brazil a year, and no one seems to care, why all the fuss about Brazil still having much less microcephaly than USA?

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