Anthrax and climate change

Researchers are often so eager to be involved in multiple areas of science that they see all kinds of connections that don’t exist, making complete fools of themselves. A child in Russia is said to have died from anthrax, which is said to come from thawing reindeer, which is said to be the result of climate change. These are really good ingredients for a scary story, but as usual the proof is completely lacking.

“A recent anthrax outbreak in the far north of Russia left a child dead, 23 people infected” 24 people is not really an outbreak, but in a remote area you can justify this word. Who was this child? Was it already sick? Did it really die from anthrax, or did it die while having anthrax? Or maybe it died while being infected? These are very important questions. The 23 people were only “infected”, but obviously not sick, or not very sick. That’s huge red flag. Obviously the bacteria isn’t that dangerous. It’s very likely that anthrax is the same as so many other bacteria: many people carry them without getting sick, which means that it’s not the bacteria that are the main cause of the disease. They just happen to be involved. 7720518-3x2-700x467

“The source, scientists say, seems likely to have been the long-buried corpses of reindeers” Likely? That means it’s just a wild guess. It would be nice if they would first investigate that, before making such statements. ” then been passed on to grazing herds” Could it be that those reindeer are chronically infected with the bacteria, without getting sick? That’s a very common situation and nothing to worry about.

“The fear now is” Ah, fear. Always good for a scary story. Who cares about facts, science or common sense when you can use fear? “as global warming thaws Russia’s icy northern expanses.” Global warming? You mean the warming that makes it so icy cold in many areas of the world? The global warming that has been officially recognised as being on its way out?

“Russia is warming about 2.5 times more rapidly than the world’s average” Except during those years that the area is considerably colder than average. If warming is the risk factor, then the scientists don’t need to worry. The official statment from the IPCC is that the earth is cooling down, which can also be observed everywhere. Problem solved. Except that facts don’t make a good story. “Temperatures there in July were up to eight degrees higher than normal” Normal? What on earth is normal? Weather circumstances change every year and nobody has any idea why. The weather just comes the way it comes, including cold and warm winters. Maybe the super El Nino had something to do with it, or maybe it was just a warm year. Let’s not pretend that anyone knows why weather happens. Considering that nobody has managed yet to make a reliable weather forecast for the next two weeks I think it’s better not to make big statements about why weather happens.

“Besides anthrax, there are plenty of other dangers” Be scared! The next pandemic is just around the corner! “We had smallpox graves” Interesting that you mention smallpox. What happened with that disease? And don’t come with the story about the vaccine, for that’s rubbish. The vaccine spread the disease. Without the smallpox vaccine the disease likely would have been limited to Europe, but the vaccine spread it all over the world. Nevertheless it largely disappeared. So I think you scientists first need to answer the question why smallpox doesn’t happen a lot anymore (no, it’s not eradicated at all, just rare and hiding behind different names).

7720802-3x2-700x467“Dr Maleyev added that the anthrax crisis” Dr. Maleyev, get real. 24 cases is barely an outbreak, let alone a crisis. “had been vaccinated en masse” These scientists are so predictable that it’s laughable. The whole story is just meant to promote a vaccine. The climate change thing is just thrown in to increase the chances for more research funding. The problem is that anthrax is not a problem, so the vaccine is not sold very well. Soldiers are often forced to get it, but there it pretty much stops. So it’s time to create a new market. “Animals have to be vaccinated regularly” Wild animals need to be vaccinated, because eh, because eh, because else something bad will happen. Reindeer have always lived in that area and they are hardly a threatened species. And in spite of the bacteria being common very few people get sick. Nevertheless dr. Maleyev thinks all those reindeer should be vaccinated regularly, which means again and again and again. What was it about one shot protecting for life? That never showed to be true for any vaccine. It is known that the anthrax vaccine is very dangerous in humans and likely also very dangerous in animals. So if they start vaccinating the reindeer many of them will get sick and die, which will threaten the only source of income of the reindeer herders. Could there be a political reason behind this nonsense? It’s possible, but it’s more likely that the researchers are just overzealous to find reasons to secure more funds.

“The process of disinfection” That sounds very toxic. “It is unlikely that anything will grow there ever again.” So you are going to destroy a large area and probably ruin the lives of the people who live there, just because you want to keep your jobs? That is most definitely a crime and you should all be locked up. It’s too bad that such crimes are going unpunished.

“Over 1,500 people have been vaccinated, while 706 are receiving antibiotic treatment, the regional government said.”  That’s not only insane, but also a crime against humanity.  “being moved to new areas” 7720514-3x2-340x227I suggest the researchers will be moved to a new area: from open space to prison. These people are not only completely incompetent, but they are also criminals, who have no respect for the lives of other people.

“the government only allocates funds after emergencies and tragedies.” And there you have the proof: they want funds, so they create an emergency. That a large area of land will be destroyed, that animals are killed and humans removed from the area where they lived their whole life, that’s all for “the greater good” of more money. Disgusting is an understatement.

There are many incompetent scientists and all of them want funds, but most scientists are not criminals who destroy humans, animals and nature. This bunch should immediately be locked up and I wouldn’t mind if the key would be thrown away (but that’s my personal opinion). These people commit horrible crimes, just so that they can keep their jobs. And then some people wonder why I don’t have any respect for scientists. Well, I don’t have respect for those who sell the world just to make money. And I don’t have any respect for anyone who thinks this kind of behaviour is acceptable.

(I generally don’t get angry about incompetent fools who call themselves scientists, but occasionally a story makes my blood boil. This is one of them.)


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