Dementia vaccine coming soon

For a long time vaccines have been the holy grail of modern medicine. No matter how dangerous they are, no matter how many young and old people get injured or killed by them, no matter how ineffective they are, more and more vaccine are developed and pushed on the people. Now researchers think that a dementia vaccine will be only a few years away.

Vaccines always used to be against bacteria and viruses, but lately more and more vaccines are developed against all kinds of chronic diseases. They are a bit different and are usually based on proteins or so. So strictly spoken they are not vaccines, but who cares about such details? The pharmaceutical industry has never bothered about such things and liberally made up their own diagnoses and names.

It’s a really strange idea that toxic pharmaceuticals could prevent any kind of disease. Only what nature provides can help to keep us healthy, or get us back to health. Whatever the pharmaceutical industry produces makes us sick, not  healthy. 5099912-3x2-340x227This has been proven many, many times, but it hasn’t stopped the industry from becoming one of the most profitable industries in the world. And now they are making a variety of vaccines to prevent diseases which are often strongly linked to vaccines, or other pharmaceutical products. There’s no better business than return business.

“targets proteins in the brain that block neurons.” This sounds scientific, but there is a huge problem here: the idea that proteins have something to do dementia is nothing but a theory. It is known that many people have these same proteins in their brain without any kind of cognitive problems. So how do these proteins block neurons? And how does that cause dementia? Before starting to inject people with a vaccine you should first know what is actually happening in the patients.

“without a medical breakthrough that number is expected to rise to almost 900,000 by 2050.” They want a medical breakthrough? Good luck with that one, as these breakthroughs are extremely rare. The last one was probably the discovery of penicillin, but I might miss one. The trillions of dollars that are annually spent for medical research produce close to no results. And there’s something interesting about the number. In 1900 dementia was very rare and no, that had nothing to do with people not getting old. There have always been plenty of old and very old people, but they just didn’t get dementia. So that’s an 100,000% or so increase in just 150 years. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to look at the cause of the problem? Dementia is not caused by lack of pharmaceuticals. That’s 100% sure.

“two proteins in the brain, amyloid-beta (a-beta) and tau, broke down and caused the condition.” Professor Petrovsky, can you show me some hard proof for this statement? How many people were in the control group? Of maybe you never had a control group? If you  had, then most probably you would have found that many older people would show a breaking down of these proteins, without getting the condition. indexWhich would be clear proof that your theory is wrong. But scientists, especially medical scientists, have the bad habit of completely ignoring everything that goes against their theories. They often don’t even look if their theory also applies to healthy people (which would prove the theory false).

“Essentially what we have designed is a vaccine that makes the immune system produce antibodies” Antibodies: the latest holy grail of medical researchers. There are antibodies against viruses and bacteria, against proteins, against food, against blood, against pretty much anything. Which shows that the word is completely meaningless and is just a way to hide the fact that researchers have no idea what they are doing.

“He said the first protein “to go wrong” was a-beta.” And why does that go wrong? Things happen for a reason. But medical researchers don’t like to look for causes. They just look for ways to treat symptoms. And what if this breaking down of proteins is a normal part of getting older? Or maybe the body does this in an attempt to stop the brain from deteriorating and in some people it doesn’t work. Cause and effect and commonly mixed up by medical scientists. Which explains the lack of results.

“it turns out if you target tau with the vaccine you can actually reverse the disease even once it has developed.” That sounds good, but be careful here. How do they know that this reverses the disease in humans? Most probably they use surrogate standards for success, another very common problem in medical research. The break-down of proteins have become the disease and if you can stop or reverse that you have “cured” or “prevented” disease. That the patients get sick or die anyway is something that’s happily overlooked. (This principle is also very clear with cholesterol lowering drugs. They are highly effective in lowering cholesterol, but not in preventing heart attacks, which is the only thing that matters.) Smokescreens are everywhere.

“It could be used both to give people at a particular age” I smell a potential blockbuster drug. Give it to everyone of 50 years old and you immediately create a huge market. And when it doesn’t work you simply give it again, and again, and again. Like they do with all vaccines. dementia-pic.jpgWhen it doesn’t work you give more of it, for then at once it will work. Of course it means that many people will get severely injured from this procedure, but I can guarantee that this will be classified as “old age problems”.

“Certainty the US Government is very committed to this program” I’m sure the Australian government is also happy to support it. They are all in bed with the pharmaceutical industry, so this statement couldn’t be any more useless. If governments would be really interested in preventing dementia they would clean up society from the truckloads of chemicals. They would take all the drugs off the market that are commonly used by older people and are known to cause cognitive problems. They would remove fluoride from the drinking water and ban aluminium containing vaccines. And then dementia would very slowly disappear. But as long as there is medical $cience this won’t happen. Trillions of dollars a year are too attractive.


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