Space and the key to life

Researchers think they have found the key to life in a molecule they have observed in space. It all sounds so scientific, but it’s not. And what does “the key to life” actually mean?

“the molecule, in a giant star-forming cloud thousands of light-years away.” Thousands of light years away? Then how on earth (pun intended) can you possibly know what you are observing? These researchers assume that everything in space, no matter how far away, is the same as on earth. That’s pretty arrogant and a gigantic stretch. How would you know that so far away there are molecules? Whatever they observe, it’s unlikely to be something that earthlings would recognise. “The finding will be published as part of a study in the journal Science.” That’s the level of modern science. They should better give the magazine the title Fiction.

“scientists see the molecule as one of the building blocks of the emergence of life.” Interesting. Can they first explain then what life is? I mean, if you want to identify a building block you will first have to know what the building is. Else you are just fantasizing. “By studying the chemistry in these interstellar clouds” Chemistry? Did you take some samples to analyse in a lab? Considering the thousands of light years I assume that answer will be negative. So again, Mr. Caroll, you are assuming that at thousands of light years distance everything is the same as on earth. And that’s a very wild and pretty silly assumption.

7514624-3x4-340x453“it now lets us test many theories about the way chiral molecules are formed in interstellar space” Test? How do you test something that is this far away? What if you see something that has absolutely nothing to with anything that exists on earth? I don’t know if there are extraterrestial beings, but if there are they would laugh themselves into pieces if they would know what earthlings are theorizing about. “the effects that that might have on the origins of life” The origins of life? Mr. Carroll, I assume that you are a strong believer in evolution. But that has never been more than a belief, so shouldn’t you separate science and religion?

“there are many possibilities for complex molecules in space.” That’s true, dr. Reynolds, a lot more possibilities than your earthly brain can ever imagine. “So you have to be sure you’ve got the right one” And here the poor researcher completely descends into fantasy land. He has absolutely no idea what he is talking about, but still tries to make it sound scientific.

“What we see on Earth is” Exactly. You see it on earth. And why do you assume that something at thousands of light years distance is the same as what we observe on earth? Hello researchers. Time to wake up to reality.

Let’s face it: astronomy is mainly based on wild assumptions and weird fantasies. It has very, very little to do with science. But I suppose that as long as you get well paid to write this type of fiction it doesn’t matter. But it would be better if these people would get a job and contribute something to society.

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