The Zika vaccine is coming!

Scientists have been busy developing a vaccine for a virus that five months ago hardly anyone had even heard about. And they are so successful that they can start human trials soon. Let’s take a look at the timeline. In February the hype started and soon scientists admitted that they knew hardly anything about the virus (see my previous blogs about Zika). But they learn remarkably quickly and two months later they already knew all the ways the virus is transmitted and what diseases it all causes. And now the vaccine is ready for human trials. Serious reseach about micro-organisms takes many years, not two months. And developing a vaccine isn’t a matter of a few months either. So either the scientists knew that a Zika hype was coming and they started working on the vaccine long ago. Or the vaccine is a hoax. Whatever you choose, it doesn’t sound very scientific, does it?

321440-3x2-340x227“A safe and effective vaccine against the Zika virus is an important step closer” That’s good news. It would be the first safe and effective vaccine in history. The American CDC has admitted that vaccines are by their very nature unsafe. And so far the only thing vaccines have prevented is disease diagnosis, which is not remotely the same as preventing diseases.

“a Zika vaccine for humans “will likely be readily achievable”.” No worries about that. Any vaccine against a virus can be achieved. They just don’t work and cause a lot of injuries, but the vaccine can most definitely be made. “a DNA vaccine and an inactivated virus vaccine,” The inactivated virus vaccine is always a mystery to me. Considering that nobody can see a live virus and that nobody has ever observed how viruses make cells sick, how would they know that a virus is inactivated and not dead? All they have is a bit of DNA (so what’s the difference with a DNA vaccine?), on which they pile huge amounts of assumptions and fantasies. Viruses are not quite alive anyway, so how do you inactivate something that isn’t alive? How can something that is not alive be active?

“the demonstration that antibodies protect” Dr. Barouch, can you really demonstrate that antibodies protect? Let me see, please. If you would know anything about infectious diseases you would also know that antibodies do not protect against anything. You don’t even know what antibodies are. The word antibodies is used for anything and everything and sometimes they cause disease and sometimes they protect against disease, depending on the need of the moment.

“The vaccinated animals showed no evidence of active virus after being infected with the Zika virus” That’s not strange, for humans and animals have their own viruses. Testing a virus vaccine on animals is therefore completely useless. But it’s surely sounds scientific. It just isn’t.

“The World Health Organisation has declared Zika virus a public health emergency” There was not really a need to tell us this, for the WHO has made sure that the whole world knows about this. I declare the WHO a public health emergency, that needs to be eliminated. But I get side-tracked. “with the development of a safe and effective vaccine deemed a global health priority.”nuevo_virus_zika It’s not a global health priority. It’s a priority for everyone who will make a lot of money with this hype. I still need to see the first bit of proof for a Zika disease.

“here is also now scientific consensus that Zika virus is a cause of microcephaly” Considering the history of medical science I think we should not put much value on scientific con$en$u$. It just means that everyone has the same conflict of intere$t.

“Protection was achieved by a single shot of the vaccination.” You mean that the mice developed antibodies, which are useless for this goal? Or do you mean that the mice didn’t get the disease that they couldn’t get in the first place? Dr. Barouch, what on earth do you mean?

It’s sad that these people call themselves scientists and that they even use a doctor’s title. And it’s sad that so many people believe in these fantasies. When the vaccine will come on the market (and I don’t doubt for a moment that it will) the people will line up for it. And probably the tax payers will have to pay for it. Which means that many poor countries will lose a lot of money for something that has absolutely no value and which they cannot afford.

Zika is a hoax. The Zika vaccine is a fraud. That’s it.


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