Folate and autism

I wonder why there is so much attention for autism, considering that many “experts” insist that there isn’t an increase, but just better diagnosis. And I also wonder why autism gets so much attention, while in a country like the USA 1:20 young children has epilepsy and asthma and eczema become the standard. Anyway, a study suggests that if a pregnant woman has too much folate this increases the chances of autism in the baby.

First or all we see a scientific smokescreen word: suggest. That means that the researchers have done a wild interpretation of the outcome of a study that probably wasn’t very good to start with. And the conclusion from such a study is always that more research is necessary to get real proof. And then the proof never shows up.

“more than four times what is considered adequate” But what is adequate? In general the rule for adequate levels of vitamins and minerals is the level where you don’t get clear deficiency symptoms. This is usually very far away from the optimal level. But what exactly is the optimal level? That completely depends on the person. In times of high stress you need a lot more of certain vitamins and minerals that in times when life is going smoothly. Maybe a pregnant woman actually needs a lot of folate. Nobody knows.folic acid

“Very high vitamin B12 levels in new moms are also potentially harmful” What on earth is “potentially harmful”? Everything and anything can be potentially harmful, but some things are dangerous and some are not. Taking vitamins during pregnancy has a very low risk, but taking pharmaceuticals is very dangerous. Both are “potentially harmful”.

“Folate, a B vitamin, is found naturally in fruits and vegetables, while the synthetic version, folic aci” And here we see the first big red flag. The researchers put folate and synthetic folic acid in one box, but these are quite different substances. In most cases the synthetic form of a vitamin is of poor quality and sometimes harmful. But in most cases it’s just a waste of money. Again, pharmaceuticals are a lot more dangerous, as is junk food. I won’t talk about GMO’s, as that’s too obvious.

“We must aim for optimal levels of this important nutrient.” That sounds good, but it’s a meaningless statement when you have not remotely any idea what the optimal level is. “Autism spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopmental condition” That’s true, but why do these children then so often end up with a psychiatrist who prescribes psychiatric medication? Make up your mind about autism!

“One in 68 children in the U.S. have the disorder” That could be true, but then it’s only in children under 12 or 16. When you look at the population up to 5 years old, then the numbers are a lot worse. The 1:68 is an old number anyway and everyone knows that autism has become an epidemic. In the age group till 5 years old the number is  likely 1:20 or more.

“The causes remain unclear” Well, the causes are only unclear to those who make a very big effort to ignore the elephant in the room. Those who have bothered seeing the movie “Vaxxed” get a pretty good idea what the cause of the explosion is. “research suggests the factors are a combination of genes and the environment.” Autism1Environment, like being injected with truckloads of toxic substances from the moment you are born? I don’t need to do research to know that this is a very likely cause of a neurological disorder. And the more toxic substances are injected the more children develop autism. It looks like the elephant in the room is very big, very loud and very smelly.

“But the researchers say they don’t know exactly why some of the women had such high levels in their blood.” Well, maybe their bodies needed it? One way or the other, it sounds like the researchers have no idea what they are talking about. “More research is needed, the scientists say,” And there we have the magic words. They first do a completely useless study for which they don’t even know the basics and then they want to do more useless research to find a reason why the first study was actually useless. It’s a good way to keep yourself in a job. But maybe they should look at that elephant first.

“This study is part of an ongoing prospective birth cohort study on early life determinants of autism” And the elephant is still there. It’s funny how all these researchers rather produce one absurd study after another than to look at the most obvious cause of the disease. You don’t need to know much about vaccines and you don’t need to know much about statistics to understand the correlation between large amounts of toxic substances in a baby and neurodevelopment conditions. I know a good idea for a study: let’s not vaccinate a few thousand babies and then check after five years how many of them have developed autism.elephant-in-the-room Oops, that study isn’t necessary. There are more than enough unvaccinated children that can be used for this study. So why isn’t it done? That’s obvious. The outcome would be way too damaging for the vaccine schedule. And that schedule is sacred. So it’s easier to focus on a vitamin, for it’s OK to say bad things about vitamins.

And the elephant gets bigger, louder and smellier. And it has been ignored for so long that it’s getting agressive. It won’t be too  long anymore till this elephant will destroy all these researchers who so badly wanted to be blind. And when all the fiction and wild stories have disappeared the world is left with the results: a whole generation of very sick people. A generation that no country can afford. That’s the danger of medical fiction.


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