Drugs to prevent heart disease

The history of the pharmaco-medical system is riddled with disasters, fraud and scandals, but so far that hasn’t stopped doctors precribing pills and patients taking them. But you can be sure that when researchers find a fantastic new drug treatment there is an awful lot they are not telling you. Like with the research that shows that drug cocktails can reduce heart attacks. 

Let’s start with stating that no disease is caused by lack of drugs, which automatically means that synthetic, man-made drugs cannot prevent any disease. The whole concept is pretty absurd. Another well-known fact is that statins might have a minimal effect on reducing heart attacks and strokes, but they significantly increase the chance of death. So people who take them might die early, but at least not from a heart attack. Blood pressure lowering drugs are also known for their serious side-effects; one of them being death. So if you combine two dangerous drugs the chances of dying from the toxic cocktail are pretty high.4425420-3x2-340x227

Another known fact is that statins are useless in women and have a neglectable effect in men without a history of heart attacks. So let’s see what people the study targets. “We weren’t really sure prior to the HOPE-3 study as to whether or not we got any benefit from targeting those people at intermediate risk.” Funny, professor Reid, as I have just stated that there is a lot of information available that these drugs do not work. But I suppose you mean that you don’t have information showing that the drugs work. Then you should say so.

“The study looked at people who had an intermediate, or medium, risk of heart attack or stroke, such as higher blood pressure or cholesterol levels.” Wait a moment. Here you assume that high blood pressure and cholesterol levels are risk factors, but that has never been proven. On the contrary, there is plenty of proof that cholesterol has absolutely nothing to do with heart disease. And the body is actually designed to regulate itself, so if you have high blood pressure there is a reason for that. Lowering it artificially with a drug is a very bad idea. And what actually is high blood pressure or high cholesterol? That is whatever the pharmaceutical industry dictates and the numbers have gone down and down over time, so that more drugs can be sold. That’s not science, that’s money.

“It was almost up to around a 30 to 40 per cent reduction in new onset heart attack and stroke,” That’s what you say, professor, but can I see the proof? And can I see how you manipulated the study in such a way that you came to this absurd outcome? Did you actually really do this study and if you did, are your statements actually the real results? It’s a known fact that very often the conclusion of a study has nothing to do with the real outcomes of the study. And many studies have been made up.

pills“The Australian Heart Foundation helped fund the research.” Here you have a big red flag. The Heart Foundation has no interest in preventing heart attacks, just like the Cancer Council has no interest in preventing cancer. These organisations get many billions of dollars a year and preventing disease would stop that money flow. Besides it’s a badly hidden secret that the Heart Foundation gets a lot of money from the pharmaceutical industry, and from the food industry. So forget about any objective research.

“We certainly wouldn’t go that far based on this evidence.” Well, professor Jennings, it’s nice that you don’t recommend drugging half the population immediately. But let’s talk about the evidence for a moment. Where is it? All you present is a study that can be manipulated in dozens of ways and without proper information I don’t see any evidence. And the percentage mentioned is so aburdly high that only very naive people will believe you.

“I think what it will do is give people confidence about using these drugs, particularly statins,” You know, there is another problem with statins. A simple statistical one. More people than ever take statins and more people than ever get heart attacks. Would you mind explaining this to me, professor?

Reality is that 150 years ago heart attacks simply didn’t happen and also strokes were very rare. Heart disease was so rare that in 1900 doctors didn’t even learn about it at medical school. Now heart disease is one of the main causes of death. That cannot possibly be explained by lack of drugs. It must be a lifestyle disease. And guess what? It is. Heart disease is not caused by cholesterol, but by lack of vitamin C. There are some other things that play a role, but this is the main one. Most of us are vitamin C depleted. The reason is that our food doesn’t contain much of it anymore, even if you have a healthy diet. Fresh produce in the supermarket is often months old. But at the same time the toxic world that we live in and our highly stressed lives consume an awful lot of vitamin C. The result is that many people have borderline scurvy, but doctors are not trained to recognize it. To prevent heart disease doctors should advise everyone to take a few thousand milligrams of vitamin C daily. That’s not any harder than taking drugs, but it is actually effective and it doesn’t have any side effects.vitamin-c-supplements-140202 If everyone would take that then the number of heart attacks would soon go down to almost zero. And that’s the problem. What would cardiologists do then? And what about the blockbuster statin drugs? Vitamin C costs almost nothing, but the drugs make Big Pharma billions of dollars a year.

And that’s why we only read about this kind of fake studies, which are too absurd to even have a serious talk about. The mainstream media won’t talk about the numerous studies that show that heart attacks are simply the result of vitamin C deficiency and that taking the vitamin quickly reverses any kind of plague formation. There is too much money to be lost. And in the end that’s all it is about.


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