A 3D image of the Zika virus

The Zika story has died down quite a bit, but it’s not over yet. Obviously some researchers still make a nice living with this, as they have managed to create a 3D map of the virus. That’s quite an achievement, considering that hardly anything is known about viruses. And if you know that viruses can’t be seen you immediately realize that this picture is based on fantasy. (For those who don’t know yet: a virus is way too small to be seen under a normal microscope. And an electron microscope shoots them into many tiny pieces. Nobody can see a live virus.)

“now strong agreement amongst scientists that Zika virus is linked to the birth defect microcephaly.” It sounds so nice that scientists agree on things, but if you look at a bit of history then you quickly realize that this doesn’t mean anything whatsoever. It’s not so long ago that scientists agreed that smoking was healthy, that thalidomide was good for pregnant women and that the earth was on its way to a new ice age. In the end the scientists will agree on pretty much anything that can make them a lot of money. Reality is that there is no proof whatsoever that this virus causes birth defects. The story doesn’t even make any sense. Worse: the story about the babies with birth defects is completely made up, as I explained in a previous blog. nuevo_virus_zikaZika has been around forever and there is no high number of babies with microcephaly. So whatever the researchers are working on, they are working on a hoax.

“Dr Grant Hill-Cawthorne, a senior lecturer in communicable disease epidemiology” An expert in telling fantasy stories. That sounds like he’s the right person to talk about this topic. “What Purdue has managed to do is produce a map of the virus almost at the atomic level,” But they don’t tell you how they do that. As I said above, nobody can see a live virus. Nobody can even see an intact virus. All scientists have is fragments of DNA, which they assume are from a virus. They puzzle the pieces together and when they have something that looks like a genome they call this a virus. And then they say that this virus causes a certain disease. So what then about all the colourful pictures of viruses? That’s nice artwork, but nothing more than that. Do a Google search for e.g. the measles virus and you will see a variety of pictures that don’t look like each other at all, even if you would remove the nice colours. So this picture of the Zika virus is also the product of a creative mind, but has nothing to do with reality. Again, intact viruses cannot be seen under a microscope, so nobody can take photos of them either.

“see how the immune system produces antibodies that then bind to the virus and effectively remove the virus.” Ah, the antibodies story. It has been known for decades that antibodies have nothing to do with immunity. They don’t remove viruses or bacteria. It’s not clear what exactly their role is, but they are not anti anything. Which is good, for we badly need the viruses and bacteria in our bodies. But do you see again the absurdity of the statement? How do they know that antibodies bind to a virus, if they cannot see a live virus? This is just a conclusion based on a huge number of assumptions, ignoring everything that doesn’t fit the theory. “study has been published in the journal Science.” That sounds like the journal has the wrong name. It should better be called “Fiction Today”.

“strong scientific consensus that Zika virus is a cause of Guillain-Barre syndrome, microcephaly and other neurological disorders.” Read this WHO statement well. There is no strong scientific evidence, just consensus. I wonder if there is also strong consensus about why this virus never caused any problems before. Just out of the blue this virus has decided to cause all kinds of health problems. But a virus doesn’t have a mind and cannot make decisions. Oops!7291126-1x1-340x340

“There’s now quite a wealth of evidence that shows that these two diseases, at least, are linked to Zika virus infection.” Do you see again the wording? It’s “linked”. What on earth does that mean? But if you have the proof of this link I would like to see it. Show it. But I know that this link only exists in the computers of the WHO. In their scare campaign the two are linked, not in any biological way.

“has been spreading locally, without mosquitoes.” So actually it’s not a mosquito borne disease? The number of myths start to pile up and they are highly contradictory. Mosquitoes, sex, babies, adults, Brazil, New Zealand. I can’t keep up with the wild stories anymore. And with every addition the story becomes more absurd. Everyone who uses a little bit of common sense can see that this whole story has nothing to do with science or biology. It was an out-of-the-blue scare campaign, as the WHO has organised so often. Remember the bird flu, the swine flu, SARS, Ebola, Chikungunya, just to name a few? They were all said to be extremely dangerous and there was a risk for a worldwide disaster. Nothing happened. And when you look into all those stories it appeared that none of them were based on facts. They were nothing but hysterical scare campaigns from the WHOever-pays-us-the-most. Though there isn’t a Zika vaccine yet, the WHO’s best friend (Big Pharma) has a huge interest in keeping the people scared for infectious diseases. Too bad that it doesn’t work anymore. The people start to wake up and don’t believe it any longer. And that’s the reason for the over-the-top Zika story. They hope to get the people back who have left the religious cult. But that never works. Going extreme just speeds up the process of people leaving. And that won’t be any different this time. Nevertheless, the picture of the Zika virus is a nice colourful piece of art.


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