The lifelong flu vaccine

We have heard about it before: researchers are working on a lifelong flu vaccine. And now they made a breakthrough. But what would be the use of this vaccine? The only reason why the flu vaccine is pushed so agressively is that it can be sold every year again. If this would be reduced to just one shot the profits of the pharmaceutical industry would be reduced with at least 50%. But don’t worry. No vaccine has ever worked, so this vaccine won’t work either, so you will still have to get your boosters all the time anyway. The measles vaccine was once advertised widely as “just one shot is enough for a lifetime”, but we all know that that wasn’t true.

I’ll first repeat the theory of the flu virus. There are a gazillion flu particles around, but just one of them mutates, in Asia (why exactly in Asia?) This one mutation then starts to multiply, for which it needs a host, but it doesn’t make anyone sick. Then all these new viruses start to travel around the world, without making anyone sick. First they go to the Northern Hemisphere and then to the Southern Hemisphere (how does the virus know where to go?). 6483388-3x2-340x227Then it spreads to all the little corners of every country and then it stays dormant. And then when winter arrives at once it starts to attack everyone at the same time. If this story makes sense to you, then please stop reading. Then this blog isn’t for you.

“Because the flu virus mutates regularly,” This story of mutating viruses is an interesting one. There is no consensus whether viruses are dead or alive, but most scientists support the opinion that viruses are dead. How can a dead substance mutate? And why would only one new strain show up? Considering the number of viruses there should be millions of mutations every year. I don’t have space here to explain all the holes in virology, but just think about this. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

“have been researching exactly how cells in the body fight the flu virus,” When you start with a wrong assumption, then whatever you find after that will also be wrong and useless. The theory of the flu virus doesn’t add up one bit, so forget about the rest. Most people don’t know that you can’t see a virus under the microscope. A normal microscope isn’t strong enough and an electron microscope shoots them immediately into pieces. So all scientists can see is tiny pieces of DNA. They take all the pieces and like a jigsaw puzzle they put them all together till they have a complete piece of DNA. This piece of DNA is then assumed to be a virus, which is assumed to cause a certain disease. That’s a huge stretch. So how can the researchers see how cells fight the flu virus, when they can’t see the virus? Welcome in fantasy world.

“were able to recognise some parts of the virus that were most likely to be conserved between the strains.” Some parts are likely to be similar in different strains. Let’s assume this is correct. Then what? Then they have found tiny pieces of DNA, which are assumed to be from a flu virus, which is assumed to cause the flu, in different strains of viruses, which are assumed to be mutations of the one virus. I could go on like this, but you see that it’s all just one big assumption, but no proof anywhere in sight.

index“which cells were able to recognise different types of flu mutations most efficiently.” What are these cells? They must be human cells, but whose are they? And what are they? And what if these cells have mutations or diseases already? It doesn’t say what kind of cells are used, but for viral research HeLa cells are very popular. These are forever growing cancer cells. Huh? Cancer cells? Yep, cancer cells. These cells are already sick and then they are used for viral research. It’s not so hard to see the absurdity of this.

“The type of particularly efficient T cells that the researchers identified are carried by 20 to 25 per cent of the population worldwide.” Can you explain this? We are all humans and we all have an immune system. I would like an explanation why some people have efficient T cells and others don’t. Could it be that T cells are not what they are assumed to be? Again, this doesn’t add up.

No vaccine works, but the flu shot is so bad that many people start to see it. Which is the reason why the majority of the people in the western world won’t get it. On the contrary, the number of flu shots sold is declining every year. The Cochrane Collaboration published a study a few years ago showing that the flu shot was “at most 1% effective”. They were pretty close, for it’s actually 0% effective. The flu is a winter disease and it’s caused by lack of vitamin C, D, selenium and probably some other nutrients. Add to that a lack of sunshine and fresh air and the body will produce a cough, runny nose and fever. And that’s the reason why many people who have daily contact with flu patients won’t get sick and others who haven’t met a flu patient in weeks get the flu anyway. A virus simply has nothing to do with it.


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