The science behind low vaccination rates

This is another one in the category “studying what everyone already knows”. A Sydney researcher says suspicion, rather than neglect, is behind low vaccination rates. Wow, who would have thought about that? Well, everyone with an IQ above 80 and with a bit of knowledge knows that, but researchers need to do an official study for that. After all, they need to pretend that they are working for their money.

“less than 47 per cent of five-year-olds living in the Mullumbimby area of the shire were fully immunised.” When I read “less than” I get suspicious. What is the real percentage? It could be anything between 0% and 47%. And most of them will be immunised, though their parents don’t get them vaccinated. Vaccination and immunisation are two completely different things, though governments, doctors, scientists and mainstream media love to mix them up. But that’s a smoke screen. I often read that “the children who got whooping cough were fully immunised”. Don’t these journalist realize how stupid that statement is? If they are immune they wouldn’t have got sick, so obviously they were only vaccinated.2544492-3x2-340x227

“agreed to a target of 95 per cent of children to be fully immunised.” They just agreed on it, as they can’t show any scientific proof to back this up. The required rate used to be 65% to achieve “herd immunity”. But that didn’t work, so it was put up to 75%, but that didn’t work either, so it was put up to 85%. But that wasn’t enough, so now they want 95%, as then at once the cherished herd immunity will work. This has nothing to do with science, but with politics, money and wishful thinking.

“Health authorities have warned that low vaccination rates could leave the region ripe for an outbreak of diseases,” Ah, the authorities, who prove again and again that they are not remotely experts on the topic, but just parrot whatever they are told. For years they have spread these scare stories about regions which lower vaccination rates, but the problem is that the predicted outbreaks never ever happen. They happen in other places, with much higher vaccination rates, but not in the “time bomb areas”. But never let the facts get in the way of a good story. Or in this, a bad story, for the mantra about herd immunity is seriously worn out.

“could carry the bacteria on their skin.” Yes, and so what? Many of us might have the bacteria with us at any moment, but we won’t get diptheria. Just like we won’t get tuberculosis, though many people carry those bacteria. Right now I could possible test positive for loads of diseases, but I’m not sick. The idea that diseases don’t exist in Australia because the bacteria don’t exist here is completely absurd and you don’t need to dig deep to find the science that disproves it.

“placing their kids onto these catch-up schedules”. Mrs. Robertson, we know that you are sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry, an industry that is known for its persistant lies. So anyone who believes you is naief at best and completely stupid at worst. Or of course just as corrupt as you, but then again they wouldn’t believe you any more than you believe yourself.

“vaccination rates recorded around Mullumbimby were usually associated with developing nations.” Wow, this an association that is more stupid than any reasonable person could come up with. You really want to say that the level of development of a country can be measured by the number of vaccines given? There are loads of countries where the politicians simply care more about their people than about money. If corruption is a sign of development, then Australia is somewhere on top of the list. index

“People in Africa line up to vaccinate their children”. Mr. Secord, can you stop with your hollow retoric? You make a real fool of yourself. The truth is that in many African and Asian countries people run away and hide their children as soon as doctors and nurses with vaccines enter their towns. Yes, there are still places where people trust doctors and are happy to accept a few vaccines (not the 37 currently on the Australian schedule), but these people also exist in Australia. I suppose the countries where parents hide their children don’t have mainstream media to constantly spread fear and propaganda. They are simply a lot smarter than Australians. And they have fewer vaccines. If those people would be forced to take the whole Australian schedule for their children they would also refuse pretty quickly. As they would also see the enormous harm done by the shots.

And you see, that’s science. Science and facts is that 10% of the babies get brain inflammati0n after vaccinations. It’s so common that doctors now have declared this medical emergency “normal and nothing to worry about”. Do you think that Africans would line up to get their children brain inflammation? Would any parent line up for this if they would be told the truth? Any medical procedure should come with informed consent, but parents cannot give informed consent, as they are not informed. That’s another fact. And without good information the act of vaccination is against the Nuremberg Code. As informed consent is essential. That makes every doctor who vaccinates an associate of dr. Mengele and everyone pushing vaccinations indirectly states that the nazi’s were good people.

Whenever you push vaccines, keep this in mind. I won’t even ask anymore to show us the science, for you know just as well as me that there is none. All you have is bad, worn out fiction. And sorry people, but parents in large numbers don’t accept your stories anymore. And that’s also fact. And it didn’t even need an expensive study.


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