Gender, politics and science

Some scientists have absolutely no idea when they are involved in politics and when they are still doing science. Of course a lot of science is just meant to prove political ideas, but usually the scientists succeed in at least pretending it’s science. But any scientist who says that males and females are not that different has completely lost track of reality.

For a long time parents and groups all around the world have tried to raise “gender neutral” children and they eschewed toys like dolls or cars. It didn’t work, because there isn’t something like gender neutrality. Nowadays there might be loads of people who are confused about their sexual identity, but most psychologists could easily point out which cultural and societal factors would cause this. Society has pushed us into the direction of “males and females are all the same” and many men and women try to adopt the style of the opposite sex. This completely confuses the adults, but for children it’s even worse. They don’t grow up anymore with a male father and a female mother, but with two people who try very hard to be someone else than they are. It’s not strange that those children later have no idea who they are and what it means to be a man or a woman. That’s the unwanted result of extreme feminism. You really don’t need to be a scientist to see this. 7185672-3x4-340x453

And yes, there are transgenders, who are born in the wrong body. Often this is already pretty clear at a young age, way before any kind of sexual behaviour is in the picture. These are boys that feel girls and girls that in every respect are boys. They are most definitely not people who have no idea about their gender. So let’s not confuse things.

After the scientific title of this article what follows is a lot of political speech about equality and education and how everyone should agree with Mr. Shorten. Obviously it’s not really allowed anymore to see men as men and women as women. We all need to be human beings who only can be identified by our sex organs. Mr. Shorten doesn’t allow different opinions.

So he takes science on board and if you search long enough you can find scientists who will prove absolutely everything and anything. “some scientists are suggesting it springs from something more tangible: our brains.” Our brains tangible? Nice try. Reality is that we know close to nothing about out brains. It’s just a huge amount of assumptions. But keep going. Assuming that feelings and personality are located in our brain (there’s no proof for that) you could say that these scientists are correct. But that’s not what they mean. “features, some that are more common in one sex than another”. That’s reinventing the wheel. This has been known for a long time.

“analysed the MRI scans” The results of MRI scans are largely in the realm of fantasy and fiction. Doctors assume an awful lot based on these colourful images, but facts are largely missing. So if you want to prove a political point by using MRI scans, then you will easily succeed, as you can make those scans say anything you want. “size variations in different parts of the brain, to the amount of grey and white matter and the strength of brain connections.” This is actually quite funny. The whole list shows that there is an awful lot of room for wild interpretations, willful blindness and wishful thinking.

7179262-3x2-340x227“most brains cannot be categorised as either “male” or “female”, but tend to be a mixture” Statements like these cause me a headache, because it’s so absurd. Wild interpretations of colourful pictures at once need to prove that not just the human race has always been wrong, but also other animals do not show differences in behaviour based on gender. I will have to explain that to our dog and to the lizards that visit us in summer. And to the male mosquitoes who won’t bite. Do these people really take themselves seriously?

“it harder to argue that the sexes ‘naturally’ segregate into different occupations and  roles,” I don’t argue anything. I just know the facts. Many women are forced by the feminist culture we live in to behave like men, work like men, talk like men and have the priorities of a man. But they usually don’t succeed, simply because they aren’t men. But instead of admitting what we have known since the beginning of the earth everyone keeps talking about “gender equality”. “assumption that men and women are fundamentally different is problematic,” Dr. Fine, this is only problematic from a politcial point of view. From a human point of view there is no problem. Animals also know the differences really well. But they aren’t bothered by politically correct ideas. Only humans are so stupid and that’s actually a pretty scientific concept.

The article rambles on about society and equality and even some celebrities are quoted. Nothing makes much sense. Most people know that political correctness has gone completely out of hand. Most people also know that forcing people to behave a certain way doesn’t work in the long term. It’s also a scientific fact that people, especially the younger generation, is particularly unhappy compared to the generations before them.

7179194-3x2-700x467I don’t know if psychology is considered a science. It seems to depend on the need. But let’s do a longitudinal study to see if children raised with more traditional gender roles are happier, smarter and more succesful than those who have grown up with confusion about who they are and how they should behave. Oh wait, there is no need for such a study, for the vast majority of the countries are still based on the traditional roles. So some surveys would be enough, but it would just tell what we already know. Our gender is a big part of our identity and confusion about your gender identity means confusion about who you are as a person. In Australia this extreme idea about gender equality has gone completely out of hand and the result is an awful lot of confused and depressed children, teenagers and young adults. And a high suicide rate. And the happiest and most successful children… are those who have grown up in a home with parents with firm gender identities.

It’s not easy to grow up in a time where it’s more common to send your friends a digital message than to talk to them in person. The last thing children need is to be told that they shouldn’t be a “typical boy” or a “real girl”. And if mothers would stop trying so hard to be like men and fathers would stop trying to behave like women, then this would save the children an awful lot of confusion. Puberty is hard enough without being told that you shouldn’t be who you are. Please, save our children from insane political correctness and never ever use the word science to justify it.


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