Australian peanut allergies

Scientists love to reinvent the wheel and then they are often very excited when they have found something that looks like a wheel, even though good wheels have been around for a long time. Now they have found out that peanut allergies are caused by an environmental factor. Of course everyone with some common sense and basic knowledge already knew this, but the scientists are really excited about it.

“five-year-olds looking to find clues to the mystery” A mystery? It’s not a mystery at all. When you inject babies repeatedly with even the tiniest amounts of peanut oil you can expect allergies to develop. The same goes for loads of other foreign proteins. The explosion of peanut allergies started when manufacturers started to use peanut oil in vaccines. It’s not a mystery why so many children have peanut allergies. The mystery is why there are still so many children that do not have a peanut allergy.

7178372-3x2-340x227“3 per cent reported a nut allergy.” This is a nationwide disaster, as peanut allergies are usually very severe and can lead to anaphalactic shock and even death. Other food allergies can also be very serious, but can also be just a big nuisance. If scientists would simply look when the explosion in peanut allergies has started they could easily combine it with the peanut proteins in vaccines. But no matter how big the elephant in the room, vaccines are simply not allowed to be the cause of any health problems, no matter how obvious the connection is. That’s not science, it’s not even fiction, it’s religion.

“are protected against food allergy.” All food allergies? Or just the peanut allergy? In many Asian countries they don’t use peanut oil to make vaccines, but soy oil. In those countries soy allergies are sky rocketing. It’s not rocket science to see the connection (pun intended). So these children who were born in Asia have probably not been injected with peanut proteins. And if they are lucky they have not been vaccinated at all. And most probably they haven’t had the huge number of vaccines Australian children are injected with.

“be completely protected from the nut allergy” Not so strange if they haven’t been injected with peanut proteins. What I would like to know is if these kids are allergic to soy, or t0 fish if they have been injected with vaccines with fish oil. But the scientists seem to have focused on nut allergies and ignored everything else. It’s a way to ignore the huge elephant in the room.

“conducting a three-year trial of vitamin D supplements” Why using perfectly round wheels if you can make a living inventing bumpy ones? Keep the sunscreen away from children and they get plenty of vitamin D in Australia. But extra vitamin D won’t take away the food allergies. I can already tell that without any expensive research.index

“allergic to wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, avocados, bananas and kiwi fruit.” There is the soy, milk and eggs. Very common allergies, which are rare in unvaccinated children. Yes, they do actually exist among those who have not been vaccinated, but that’s because the parents were vaccinated and it has been thoroughly established that environmental factors influence DNA and can be passed on to children for multiple generations. So if a parent has been injected with peanut or soy proteins this can cause allergies in their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and even more generations. That’s a very scary thought.

Professor Katie Allen doesn’t seem to know anything about this, or she isn’t interested, or she ignores it. If she doesn’t know she is ignorant, which is hardly a good qualification for a scientist. She has obviously not looked into the obvious causes of the food allergies, which makes her negligent. Or she ignores it like all other scientists and that makes her part of the ongoing crime against our children. For don’t be mistaken: causing such severe diseases in children just to make money is a crime against humanity. And it’s a big one, as it’s happening all over the world. Everywhere children are sold for money and prof. Allen is part of that, as she won’t risk her cushy job for the truth. And in the meantime parents are told that vaccines are perfectly safe.

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