Vaccines and the elderly

For a long time vaccines were only pushed on children (with the exception of the flu shot), but then the pharmaceutical industry realised that they could make a lot more money if they would convince teenagers, adults and the elderly to also take vaccines. And after many years of injecting now researchers are going to do a study to see if this actually doesn’t harm elderly people. Huh? Didn’t doctors tell everyone that vaccines are safe and effective? But this has never been studied, so the doctors obviously based their statements on wishful thinking. The problem is that these same doctors really believe that these studies have already been done, which shows their complete ignorance about vaccines.

“studied the effects of some vaccines on infants” Can I ask what the results were? It’s not possible that a scientific study shows that vaccines are safe for infants. It’s either a scientific study or safe vaccines are the result. Science and safe vaccines are mutually exclusive. But the results of this earlier study would tell us whether professor Flanagan is a scientist or just a pharmaceutical employee.4495510-3x2-340x227

“it’s not known if the DTP vaccination used in Australia has the same effect,” It’s not known whether this vaccine causes impaired immunity in children or adults? Wow. Still this vaccine has been pushed on babies for many years, it has been pushed on adults for a long time and now it’s even pushed on pregnant women. And if parents don’t want to risk their child’s immune system to be destroyed (i.e. they don’t want their child to be a guinea pig) they get punished by the government.

“wider impacts of vaccines on older Australians were largely unknown.” Then how on earth is it possible that doctors routinely inject these toxic cocktails into our parents and grandparents? It would be nice if someone could remind them of “first do no harm”. And it would be the first task of professor Flanagan to stop the vaccinations in this age group, and in every other group where the safety of the shots has not been established. But I don’t think she considers that her responsibility. Medical scientists rarely think about the wellbeing of sick (or healthy) people. They just think about their own careers.

“[The World Health Organisation] want answers, they’ve asked for answers.” My goodness, the professor works for the WHO. History has told us that the WHO doesn’t want real answers to questions like this. They just want some kind of proof that the shots are safe. And I’m sure professor Flanagan will be happy to produce that proof. After all there were also plenty of scientists who proved that tobacco wasn’t bad for health. With a bit of dedication you can prove absolutely everything, and the complete opposite as well.

“evidence to optimise vaccine responses” Wait, it wasn’t about optimal responses. It was about safety. Can you please stick with that? Keep in mind that vaccines are not meant to treat a sick person. They are given to healthy people, which means that any negative effect is unaccpetable. 100% safety should be the only standard for vaccines.

“could change the way vaccines were scheduled” And slowly the real agenda starts to emerge. This isn’t in any way a real safety study, as clearly the outcome “vaccines are dangerous for the elderly” is unwanted. The shots must be given, but there needs to be some scientific back-up to support some kind of schedule. “suggesting vaccines have non-targeted effects”. Like death and destruction? Nobody needs to do a scientific study for that, as this has been known since Edward Jenner and his smallpox vaccine killed ten thousands of people. But for scientists death is a “non-targeted effect”. Well, I sure hope it’s not a targeted effect, though nowadays you can’t be sure.

Syringe and vaccine  bottle on white background

“improve vaccine responses in the elderly.” There you go. There is absolutely no way this study will show that vaccines are dangerous and should be stopped immediately. The introduction that says so is just a smoke screen. The real goal is to find “scientific” support to inject (more) vaccines into the elderly. And if they die from it? Well, they were old and old people are expected to die. So the result no doubt will be that nobody ever dies or gets sick from the vaccines. They just cause a lot of unexpected deaths in reasonably healthy people. Just like they cause a lot of coincidental diseases in young children.

“Her vaccine research is world class” World class, like “supported by the WHO”? It’s obvious that the scientific level of this study will be negligible, as most of the outcome is already known: “vaccines are safe and effective in the elderly”. She has admitted that herself.

“beneficial outcomes for older age groups” The only beneficial outcome would be to immediately stop injecting vaccines into the elderly, till independent research has shown that this practice is both safe and effective. But I’m afraid that our parents and grandparents won’t be that lucky. “Tasmania has an ageing population.” And that means that the elderly are a huge pharmaceutical market. First it was just the flu shot. Then they had to be injected with TDaP to protect their grandchildren. And then the pneumococcal vaccine was absolutely necessary. What will be next? MMR to prevent them from spreading measles? HPV in case they still want to sleep around and think they will live another 30 years? Or maybe one of those new vaccines, against high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s (now with an extra high dose of aluminium) or high cholesterol. There are some 300 new vaccines in the pipeline and you can be sure many of them will be targeted at the elderly. And every time we will be told that this is perfectly safe, even though no research has been done. Not even bad research.

Our parents and grandparents are sold, just as our children are sold. And people like professor Flanagan are happy to do whatever necessary to keep the mass killings going. And then they disguise it as science. I won’t call scientists like her mass murderers, but they certainly do support the murders, because that’s so good for their own careers and bank accounts. They have a chance to stop it, but they don’t do anything. And that makes them guilty.

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