Zika and hot air

A week ago I wrote a blog “Zika or TDap? That’s (not) the question“. The link between all those Brazilian babies with microcephaly and the introduction of the TDaP for pregnant women was obvious. But I need to correct myself here a bit. I wrote this blog assuming that there were indeed so many babies with microcephaly. But as I had mentioned a week earlier, they were only “suspected cases” and that’s always very bad information. Anyone can suspect anything, but that doesn’t mean it’s true.

And indeed it appeared not to be true. Jon Rappoport analysed the numbers in his blog and nothing is left from those 4000+ cases of microcephaly. “404 cases have been confirmed as microcephaly or “other alterations in the central nervous system” of babies.” So we still don’t know an exact number. But when government officials lump together diseases this is a huge red flag. Why can’t they give the exact number of babies with microcephaly? That can’t be hard if they have investigated all the cases. So why this strange lumping together of diagnoses? For the same reason that the CDC tells the Americans that every year 50,000 people die from “the flu or other respiratory diseases”. They want to hide that usually only 10-20 people a year die from the flu. The same principle applies to the Zika story. 9681eab14858d225841a9903c154b468404 cases of different diagnoses most probably means that the real number of babies with microcephaly is 1 or 2. That’s sad for those two babies, but it’s not worth any media attention, let alone the huge scare campaign the WHO has launched.

So let’s summarize the latest piece of scientific fiction. There is a disease with mild and very general sysmptoms. If you test these people then some of them will get a positive result for a virus named Zika. As nobody knows what a virus is or how it could cause disease the same applies for Zika. Scientists also openly admit that they don’t know how this virus could cause severe birth defects, but they insist there is a “strong correlation”. Zika never caused birth defects before and as we have just seen, also this time there is no huge number of babies with microcephaly. Nevertheless the scientists keep researching how this virus can be the cause of the non-existing birth defects. It’s a way to keep yourself in a job.

Then this virus is suspected (there we get that word again) to be transmitted by mosquitoes. How that happens nobody knows and why that happens is everyone’s guess. But that doesn’t stop scientists. The problem was that there were multiple people who tested positive for Zika, who had not been in the areas where the mosquitoes are active, which really disturbed the mosquito theory. But no worries, you can always come up with an explanation. And at once Zika was also transmitted by sex. How on earth that could be possible is still an open question and nobody has bothered to come up with an explanation.

nuevo_virus_zikaA few weeks ago few people had ever heard about Zika, but at once tests for this virus were generally available all over the world, including in Australian and European hospitals. It really makes you wonder what they are testing for. Tests for viruses are completely unreliable anyway, as they test for all kinds of things which might or might not have anything to do with the virus. Virology is one big guess and most of the guesses don’t make much sense. But I would really like to know what this Zika test is and if it comes with a questionnaire about your recent travels. I haven’t travelled in a long time, but maybe I would test positive on a Zika test. Nobody knows, for those who have not been in an area with Zika won’t be tested.

“Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.” But the Zika hype was never a good story. It was a very bad story from the very beginning. And now it has appeared to be nothing more than a lot of hot air. The question is now how long it will take before the WHO will realize that the people don’t fall for this latest hype. Will they quietly stop talking about it, or will they still try to force the vaccine on the people? Time will tell, but any scientist involved in this makes a complete fool of himself, which would not look good on a resume. (But then again, bad results in the past do not guarantee anything for the future).








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