Your diet and your taste buds

There are so many weird ideas about food that it can become funny when “scientists” start to “discover” things. Now they have figured out that a high fat diet makes your overeat. How that is possible is unclear to me. For fat makes you feel full very quickly, which makes overeating less likely.

“meaning it will take more fat to satisfy their taste buds.” I don’t think the taste buds have anything to do with it. It’s more likely the brain. And it’s likely not so much a sensitivity issue, but a good food issue. When people have eaten sugary cardboard type food products for a long time and they finally start eating a good, high fat diet, then they will discover how good food can taste and that likely will lead to eating more. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

“high fat diet and was overweight,” Wait a moment. Can we split things up here? Someone can have a high fat diet and can be overweight, but one doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the other. Besides not every high fat diet is the same. 7099362-3x2-340x227Donuts are high in fat, so is a butter fried pork chop. But you can’t compare the two. The donuts will most definitely lead to weight gain, not so much from the fat, but from the sugar. But this is typical for food science. Throw everything into one big box and come to a conclusion that doesn’t have any basis.

“Both groups of participants lost about the same amount of weight during the six weeks.” That shouldn’t surprise anyone. Every experienced dieter knows that all these kind of diets work for a short period of time. “But only the people on the low-fat diet increased their sensitivity to fat,” Of course. Your body needs fat and loads of it. So if you don’t get enough your brain will make sure you identify even the smallest bits, so that you can get enough. It’s not so hard to understand. This is only a surprise for those who still think that “fat is bad”, which is a completely outdated theory.

“is to increase the sensitivity with a low-fat diet,” So scientists think they should mess with the human system to give people a low fat diet and still make them think they get enough fat. Why on earth would anyone think this is a good idea? “now studying whether genetics play a role in the ability to taste fat, or whether food intake is the only cause.” You must be kidding! They are going to study whether a healthy diet is natural or learned? One hour of history lesson will solve this problem. No genetic studies are necessary. People have always eaten a high fat diet and usually that was animal fat. (After all the toxic seed oils didn’t exist 100 years ago). And they didn’t overeat and didn’t get overweight. You would think that everyone knows what are the main causes of weight problems, but obviously these researchers have lived under a stone for the last few decades.

“there’s some sort of environmental component to it which we can alter,” Why would anyone voluntarily eat a low fat diet? That’s tasteless, lacks nutrition and is particularly unhealthy. These people need to be stopped, before they ruin more people’s health. A low fat diet is unhealthy, leads to eating more sugar and is just dangerous to your health. Just don’t do it. “They use micro-scissors to snip about eight taste buds from each of the participants’ tongues.” So they are going to mutilate these test persons and give them an unhealthy diet? This is complete insanity. The researchers should be locked up and the test persons should get counselling for masochism.7099446-3x2-340x227

“it doesn’t have any effect on the tongue long term or short term,” And how do you know that? The short term effect can be measured, but how would you know about the long term effects? That’s just a wild guess. Cutting an important part of the body out is mutilation. End of story. “The genetic research and the findings from the taste bud harvesting should be finished by the end of the year.” And then the outcome will likely be that more research needs to be done.

The only thing that needs to be done about food is to stop the food industry and to stop people from eating food like products. It’s that rubbish that makes people overeat, as the body doesn’t recognize it as food. And because manufacturers put truckloads of sugar in it, as well as all kinds of substances that disrupt the digestive system. If everyone would stop eating junk and go back to the diets we had 150 years ago, then all weight problems would eventually disappear. It’s not so hard to see and you don’t need to be a scientist to see it. A little bit of common sense is more than enough. But obviously that little bit of common sense is lacking among food scientists.


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