Zika or TDaP? That’s (not) the question.

Health “experts” together with the mainstream media have started an attempt for damage control. Those who say that Zika is harmless and that the Brazilian babies got microcephaly because of the compulsory vaccination have no idea about science. Funny, considering that the whole Zika hype completely lacks any scientific basis.

“was introduced in Brazil just months before the Zika virus outbreak.” Well, in science something like that is called a strong correlation, which first should be thoroughly investigated before anyone looks for another cause. Nobody has ever done that, but the correlation is dismissed immediately as unscientific. I’m not sure if there is a word to describe this attitude, as “wishful thinking” doesn’t remotely cover it. “Insanity” gets closer.

293a0c932a23106f176d9da274789ce2The article continues in the usual rant style that we see so often in the mainstream media. Two girls have microcephaly, but the mother never had Zika. (How do they know that, as the mother obviously was never tested?) This simply means that the chance that Zika is the cause is getting even smaller, but somehow that doesn’t seem to bother the experts. “doctors do not know how the girls developed the condition.” Maybe if they would look at plausible causes they would find the reason, but doctors are not trained to do that. It’s rare to hear a doctor talk about environmental influences to the health of the people. It’s funny though, that the TDaP vaccine isn’t mentioned. You would assume that in this context it would state that the mother never had the vaccine during pregnancy. That would make a lot more sense.

“There is no evidence to support a link between the resurgence of the Zika virus in Brazil and the increase in women having the vaccine,” Did anyone say that? Nobody says that the vaccine and Zika have anything to do with each other. But smart, informed people do see a very clear link between the vaccine and the handicapped babies. The Zika virus doesn’t exist. It has never been proven to exist, it hasn’t been proven to make anyone sick, it hasn’t been proven to have anything to do with handicapped babies. Just two weeks ago all the experts openly stated that they have no idea what Zika is or if it causes birth defects.

“The bottom line is that [anti vaxxers’] proposed concerns have no scientific basis,” Stop here for a moment. So far you experts have only stated that you have no idea what you are talking about, but when people point out a clear correlation it’s unscientific. But let’s look at what scientific evidence is available. It’s a known fact that this kind of brain damage in a foetus is caused during the first months of pregnancy. It’s also a known fact that poison in the mother is a common cause. 7084740-3x2-340x227And of course there is no discussion that vaccines contain considerable amounts of toxic substances. How much more scientific evidence do the experts need? This sounds an awful lot more scientific than “we have no idea, but we think a mosquito spreads a virus that we think might have something to do with the problem”.

“It’s pure coincidence” There we go again. The members of the coincidence brigade jump on it. But science and coincidence are bad friends. In science you should first thoroughly investigate every possible cause for a problem and only when there is no other explanation you can rule something coincidence. But vaccine science is completely based on coincidence. When a child drops dead within minutes after being vaccinated it’s often ruled coincidence (though some doctors reluctantly admit the obvious). The injection of poison during early pregnancy is not linked to the handicapped babies, even though the timeline fits exactly. Nope, it’s a virus that never has caused any problems before and that experts admit they don’t know anything about. Why is this virus blamed? Because the vaccine is not allowed to be the cause. The “experts” (clearly a laughable term) rather keep believing in coincidence than applying science. I wonder what their favourite colour unicorn is.

“they found there was absolutely no difference in things like stillborns,” It’s known that these statistics can easily be manipulated and that that kind of manipulations happens all the time. But even if this were true, then it’s completely irrelevant. In the USA and Australia the vaccine is given during the last months of pregnancy, while in Brazil it’s given during the first months of pregnancy. You really don’t need to have any scientific knowledge to understand the difference. Probably any mother knows this instinctively.

“It shows absolutely no knowledge of the science that underlies all this.” Professor, you make such an extreme fool of yourself that you should see a psychologist about this masochism. But then again, we both know why you do this. How much are you being paid to be an idiot?

9681eab14858d225841a9903c154b468This is a pathetic attempt to control damage that was already irreversible from the momennt the WHO started its scare campaign. The WHO-ever-pays-us-the-most has gone overboard in its attempt so keep it’s pharmaceutical cronies happy. This new hype is too soon after all the other hypes, it’s pushed too quickly, the fear is way too extreme and the story way too dumb. I know there are people who believe it, but there are people who believe anything, as long as you suggest it’s scientific. In this case it’s not even more than a suggestion, as experts have admitted they don’t have any facts.

The saying goes “never let the facts get in the way of a good story”. But in the case of Zika there is no good story. There is just a very bad story and most people see it. It’s not just “anti-vaxxers” who see the absurdity. Even those who stronly believe in vaccines, and might not want to see the strong connection with the TDaP vaccine, will probably still see that the Zika story is in the same category as purple unicorns. It’s fantasy and most of the world sees it. So stop the damage control, as it only makes things worse.


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