Skin cancer prevention

Sun safe campaigns save lots of lives. At least if you would believe the study done by Cancer Institute. But does anyone believe that these people would publish a study that would prove that their advices don’t work and even cause cancer? That would be very naive. Anyone who knows a bit about scientific studies knows that you can prove anything and everything you want, and also the exact opposite. That’s why most of this research is so unreliable.

“have helped prevent more than 100 deaths and 13,000 cases of skin cancer” How do they know? It’s impossible to know what would have happened if this or that would have been different. Sometimes you can make an educated guess, but you can never prove such numbers. I don’t know how they made up these numbers, but they don’t make any sense. First of all, only melanoma can cause death. And that just happens to be a kind of skin cancer that is clearly unrelated to sun exposure, as it usually starts at places that don’t get a lot of sunshine. So how can sunscreen then prevent it? 4404858-3x2-340x227The 13,000 of course it nothing but a wild guess, as it’s impossible to know why people don’t get diagnosed with skin cancer. There are all kinds of reasons. But even then this numbers seems very high. After all the “slip, slap, slop” campaigns are nothing new. So it would mean that at once everyone would have started to do it. Not very likely. Public education campaigns are usually not the most effective way to inform people anyway.

“were believed to have created a cultural shift in attitudes towards sun safety.” I’m getting really tired of these constantly mentioned scientific beliefs. They all believe things, but they can never prove them. And I would really like to know what sun safety is. The sun has been around forever and till 50 years ago nobody got skin cancer from it. So how can the sun be a bad thing? Besides, nowhere sunscreen sells so well as in Australia, and nowhere there is so much skin cancer. That’s quite a coincidence.

“the risks of UV exposure” The sun risky? How did anyone ever get that idea? Avoiding the sun is risky, as we need the sun to stay alive. All nature needs the sun. Without the sun their wouldn’t be any life. We need the sun too and not only for vitamin D. I don’t think a lot of research has been done after the importance of sunlight, but everyone knows how nice it is to feel the sun on your skin, especially after winter.

“Professor Currow said 99 per cent of skin cancer cases were avoidable” Nice statement, professor, but can you prove it? Of course you can’t, for the funny thing is that skin cancer is a lot more common among city dwellers, who don’t spend that much time in the sun. It’s quite rare among those who live in the countryside and spend a lot of time outside during all seasons. But never let the facts get in the way of a good story. Well, good story? “Professor Currow said 99 per cent of skin cancer cases were avoidable” So obviously all the information campaigns haven’t done much at all. The good story is a pretty bad story.

asymmetry-in-skin-cancerThere are several factors that have been proven to contribute to skin cancer. Low vitamin D is one of them (caused by lack of sunshine). Another one are the sunscreens themselves, which contain truckloads of carcinogenic chemicals. And a third culprit is our food. The vegetable oils that have been marketed for decades as “good for our health” appear to create substances in our skin, which the sun converts into carcinogens. Canola oil causes skin cancer, not the sun. No doubt there are other factors involved, but these are generally considered to be three really big ones.

So if you want to prevent skin cancer, then go out into the sun, stay far away from commercial sunscreens and even further away from toxic vegetable oils. If you then also manage to get your body in a good “anti-cancer” condition, then not only your chances for skin cancer are small. Your chances for all kinds of cancer are pretty small. But you won’t hear that from cancer organisations, because if nobody would get cancer anymore that would ruin their business.


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