A Zika explosion?

It’s like the WHO has held a press conference, for the Zika story is all over the media and it gets wilder and wilder. Now we are warned that the Zika virus is spreading explosively and millions of cases are expected. That reminds me of another hype, called the bird flu. And the Mexican flu. Those millions of cases never happened either.

“had gone from a mild threat to one of alarming proportions.” Indeed. Two weeks ago few people had heard about Zika and now the fear is spread all over the world. This fear campaign is quite alarming indeed, but so far I don’t consider it threatening. A bit of common sense is actually enough to prevent infection with this fear.

“an infectious disease expert at the WHO’s Americas regional office,” Someone who works for the WHO. Somehow that doesn’t make me feel like I can trust him. I’m not sure yet what the WHO agenda is exactly, but they will  probably reveal that soon. “There is no vaccine or treatment for Zika”. And that makes me wonder what the WHO is after. Maybe there are tons of anti-viral drugs that will expire this year? A scare campaign like this is often good to sell them all. That there is no treatment now doesn’t mean that in two weeks not all those pills need to be distributed. $cience goes fast.7122918-3x2-340x227

“which is a close cousin of dengue and chikungunya” I would really like this one explained. What does it mean that a virus is a “close cousin”? Considering virology is mainly based on wild assumptions, fear, money and a lot of fantasy I have no idea what this could possibly mean. But it sounds scary. “An estimated 80 per cent of people infected have no symptoms” Then how on earth do they know how many people have been infected? And how do they know that it’s 80%? If someone isn’t sick they won’t get tested, so what are such percentages actually based on? You hear such percentages a lot, but if you think about it you realize that it’s impossible to say how many people have been sick while they were healthy.

“an outbreak of the virus spreading from Brazil” How does this virus spread so quickly all over the world? Did the mosquitoes take the plane to Europe and Australia? And how do they know that so many people are already infected? So far few people had even heard of Zika, so it’s unlikely that tests are generally available everywhere. Those tests are useless anyway, but that’s not even relevant. You cannot use a test that you don’t have. So what do they test for? I have no idea. Maybe they don’t test and just diagnose based on the vague symptoms?

“cases have been reported in 23 countries and territories in the (Americas) region.” Ah, they have been reported, but are they real? Loads of things can get reported, but that doesn’t mean it’s based on any kind of reality. Loads of media report on this coming Zika pandemic, but that doesn’t mean there is any kind of problem. If you want to spread a panic you should at least have some facts, but so far I haven’t read any whatsoever.

“As global health experts scramble to understand how the virus spreads and may lead to birth defects,” A few days ago another expert says that they have no idea what the virus is, how it spreads, how it makes anyone sick and if it causes birth defects at all. But in a few days the science has progressed and now we already know that this mysterious virus will cause a worldwide disaster. “two cases suggest it may be transmitted through sex,” Two cases? Can I laugh? And even those two cases only suggest something. And by the way, women have been advised not to get pregnant and now at once the virus is sexually transmitted. That sounds a lot more like politics than science.nuevo_virus_zika

“that sort of gives you the biologic plausibility of spread.” This would be laughable if they weren’t so serious. These people are comedians, not scientists. “The science is very clear to date that Zika virus is primarily transmitted to people through the bite of an infected mosquito.” That’s quick. A week ago that was still unclear. But the CDC is known for making up science as they go, so this shouldn’t surprise anyone.

“Brazil has reported 3,893 suspected cases of microcephaly” Again these unconfirmed reports, this time of suspected cases, not real cases. Maybe I should report a suspected case of a dead monkey in my backyard. There isn’t one, but that obviously doesn’t matter. “it is “strongly suspected”. Strongly suspected by whom? I don’t see any connection whatsoever, so these suspicions are obviously not based on scientific evidence. Zika has already been in existence for a long time, but only now it at once causes birth defects. You would have to come with an extremely solid explanation for this to make any sense. There is none. There is no explanation at all, for as usual the scientists ignore inconvenient facts.

If there are indeed so many babies with birth defects in Brazil (which so far is unconfirmed), then there are a lot of things that can be the cause. A virus infection is clearly not one of them. Poisoning sounds like a very likely suspect, but I haven’t heard of anyone looking into that. Since more than a year pregnant women in Brazil are also forced to get injected with a highly toxic vaccine. Has anyone looked into a connection? Of course not, for that would be worse than cursing in church. Vaccines are a very sacred religious practice and nobody is allowed to criticize it, for then you will have to hide, or literally run for your life.7084740-3x2-340x227

When you look twice into this media hype (more is not necessary) you can clearly see what’s happening: another scare campaign of WHO-ever-pays-us-the-most. There is not a shred of science involved. But they are going overboard and after the bird flu, the Mexican flu, Ebola and chikungunya the people are tired of these hypes. WHO, stop with it. The people don’t believe you anymore and the more you hype this up, the quicker everyone will see what you really are: best friends with Big Pharma, an industry known for its humanitarian disasters and lack of scientific evidence for pretty much all their products.


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