Does Zika make you sick?

Recentely there has been a lot of attention for the Zika virus, which is said to cause birth defects. So far the news only came from South-America, but now the first Australians have already brought the virus into the country. I wonder how the authorities know that? The symptoms of Zika are very non-specific, so how would they know that someone has Zika? Is there even a reliable test for it? Considering that most people had never heard about it till a few weeks ago you can wonder how there can be a test for it so quickly and so generally available.

“Zika was linked to a foetal deformation” Linked? How exactly? A link can be anything. Maybe someone was poisoned and as a result also produced a positive Zika test (if there is a test). Or maybe there are other reasons why someone gets symptoms that are also attributed to Zika. Just a link is a very vague description.

7084740-3x2-340x227“Brazil has reported 3,893 suspected cases of microcephaly,” Suspected cases? Can’t they just diagnose something this serious right away? Then there isn’t any reason for a media hype yet, as many of these suspected cases might just be caused by incompetent doctors, who don’t know how to make a proper diagnosis. That’s hardly unusual. I suggest we wait till there is proof that these babies indeed have microcephaly.

“There is little scientific data on Zika virus and it is unclear why it might be causing microcephaly in Brazil.” There we have a piece of truth right away. “We have no idea what we are talking about”. Always nice when scientists are so honest. Also interesting is the word “might”. It migh cause birth defects, but then again it might not. So they have no idea what they are talking about, but that has never stopped any scientist from creating big, scary stories.

“it is normally only a mild disease.” So it’s actually not a problem, as no large numbers of disabled babies were born in these other areas of the world. And they don’t know anything about the virus and don’t know if it actually causes birth defects in South American babies. Phew, there is huge lack of knowledge here. It seems very much that all they have is wild assumptions.

“scientists did not know whether any other mosquitoes in Australia could be potential vectors.” So you don’t know what the virus is, you don’t know what it does and you don’t know how it spreads. Somehow it does not sound quite so impressive. “There have been some people who have come back to Australia who’ve had Zika virus infection” Tell me, professor Dwyer, how do you know that? Did you test everyone who came back from South America? I don’t think so. Let me guess: just another wild guess?7109828-3x2-700x467

“So I think there’s a bit more work to be done to sort that out.” A bit more work? I would think that there is an awful lot more work, as you don’t seem to know anything so far. But that’s good news, for then you can go one with research for at least ten years. Ten years of well paid employment is good news, isn’t it?

“as well as others like Chikungunya virus” I haven’t heard about that one for quite a while. It seems like it has disappeared into nowhere, just like it came out of nowhere. Viral diseases have a very close relationship with nowhere, as any kind of outbreak always just happens. Where the virus comes from is something nobody ever seems to be able to explain.

“transmission in the community can be really rapid.” No professor, you lack some basic knowledge. If a person has proper immune system that immune system immediately eliminates the virus and it can’t spread anymore. At least that’s how the basic viral theory goes. But that theory is constantly adjusted, according to the need and if that doesn’t make sense it doesn’t seem to worry anyone. “then there is a reasonably high risk you could get infected” Again, this is a big no. The professor has absolutely no idea about infectious diseases. Even if there would be a real outbreak of a real viral disease then still most people wouldn’t get sick. That goes for measles and chickenpox, it goes for the flu and it goes for hyped up diseases like Ebola and Zika.

“until we know a little bit more about what is going on.” Let’s cancel the Olympics then, for it takes years before anyone knows “what’s going on” and even then the new information usually doesn’t make sense. So I have a feeling that in the next few months at once a lot of information will be released about this virus, though they don’t know anything now. Funny how science can work. Decades of work with one topic, just a few months in another area. When necessary. Obviously it’s not so hard to make up scientific evidence. I’m sure the WHO is already working hard on making it.

nuevo_virus_zika“There is so far no cure or treatment for Zika virus, nor any vaccination.” from what I read about the symptoms of Zika it sounds an awful lot like poisoning and though that can be treated, a vaccination against poisoning is hard. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if they would try to find one. After all that’s what they did with polio, a disease that was fully caused by poisons and never had anything to do with a virus. A virus is easily found, as there are gazillions of them. You only need to find one that more or less fits the criteria and then you can make a new vaccine.

“said last week it planned to develop a vaccine “in record time”,” Of course they will try to make a vaccine, as that’s the usual way to go. New hype, new virus, new vaccine, new vaccine victims and round and round it goes. I’m just surprised that it will take 3-5 years to develop this vaccine. Doesn’t that make the outbreak a bit too early? But then again, obviously the WHO and its cronies will do anything to get this vaccine on the market a.s.a.p, so with a bit of luck it will be fast tracked and all kinds of safety testing might be skipped. That wouldn’t be the first time. It happened with the HPV vaccine and the number of victims has exploded since. If they manage to get a vaccine on the market before the Olympics (and that’s not such a stretch), then the number of victims will be astronomical. And because most of those people will come from all over the world it will be very easy to hide the disaster.

A vaccine against a virus that you don’t know anything about, but that will no doubt be pushed on large numbers of people. How sick does the WHO want the world population? I think it’s time that the WHO renames itself to WSO: World Sickness Organisation. For that’s what they are good with. They spread disease everywhere and sell the whole world population to the highest bidder. But till they rename themselves I will keep calling them WHO-ever-pays-us-the-most. It’s a very appropriate name.


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