The secrets of no-vaxxers

Yep, really. The reasons why parents don’t tell the whole world that they don’t vaccinate their children is now the subject of a study. Of course there are more stupid studies, but this one is pretty high in the top 100.

“Edith Cowan University school of psychology and social science researchers”. I didn’t know that parotting the government and reproducing stupidities is science nowadays. Wouldn’t you need to have at least some capacity for critical thinking before you can call yourself a scientist? Obviously not. Let’s look what the researchers have to say.

“the study showed the health of pregnant women and newborns was at risk from parents who refused to be honest about their decision not to vaccinate their children.” You see, that’s what I mean with reinventing a wheel that was square, without spokes and with a flat tire. This is a very old story and really didn’t need a study. Pregnant women and newborns aren’t at risk from anyone who has or has not been vaccinated. They are at risk from doctors with syringes, but let’s not go too fast.

6442644-3x2-340x227“important to understand the reasons parents were not vaccinating their children.” Like having seen your baby turn blue after vaccinations? Or having seen a friend’s baby end up with epilepsy after convulsions caused by vaccinations? Or maybe simply because parents don’t think injecting babies with toxic substances will keep them healthy? Those are usually the reasons why parents choose not to get their children vaccinated.

“fear of being perceived as bad parents,” That is indeed something to be worried about. What happened to parents making decisions for their children without others cursing and condemning them? What happened with decency and when did it become normal to ostracize parents for taking good care of their children in their own way? That’s for sure something to be very, very frightened about.

“a mistaken belief a healthy diet alone could protect their children”. Wrong again. Many parents don’t believe that a healthy diet alone is good enough, though most parents who don’t vaccinate do know the importance of breastmilk in keeping away a variety of diseases from infants. This was once common knowledge, but doctors have long forgotten about this. But most parents who don’t vaccinate their children simply don’t want them to be injected with large amounts of highly toxic substances. And they read the headlines that 80% or more children in an outbreak have been vaccinated.

“even though much of their research comes from unreliable sources on the internet.” And how do you know where these parents get their information? Most of that information is from scientific studies, the CDC itself and from highly reputable scientists who tell them that the government is lying. So dr. Harman says that scientific studies don’t count when you can read them on line. The CDC is an organisation full of lies (that’s true in most respects, but if you dig deep enough you do find some truths on their website). And highly reputable scientists at once talk rubbish when they tell the truth about vaccines. Funny, that this woman considers herself a reliable source of information.Picture-9

“93 per cent of children aged 12 to 15 months were fully immunised.” If that is true, then what’s the problem? The precious herd immunity of the pro-vaxxers is 90%, isn’t it? Oh wait, that was five years ago. 90% appeared to not stop any kind of outbreak, so now it has been lifted to 95%. But that doesn’t work either, so there are people saying that 100% vaccination rate is necessary. If that won’t work either, then they will have a problem. But I’m sure they will come up with a new explanation.

“An Australian study published in journal Vaccine last year” No doubt a reliable source of information. Just as reliable as dr. Harman, who clearly shows not having any knowledge whatsoever about the topic. “other “barriers” associated with under-vaccination”. Like not believing in unicorns? This whole story about people not vaccinating because they don’t have time or don’t think about it is so dumb. With posters, reminders, media attention and people like dr. Hamas it’s simply not possible to “forget” that your children should be vaccinated. The same goes for all those other problems. There might be a few families that can’t make it to the doctor or don’t have time, but they will be very few. But of course if you only interview those for your study then you can come up with funny numbers.

“promoting shame among parents who did not vaccinate was not an effective tactic to improve vaccination rates.” Really? What about name calling? What about discrimination? I have a question for professor Wood. If vaccines are so fantastic, then why are name calling, threats, discrimination and other highly negative ways of communication necessary? Wouldn’t everyone run to get their children injected? Reality is that all over the world parents in high numbers stop the shots, or never even start with them. Funny for a product that’s so great. Has anyone ever needed to be forced to buy an iPhone? Anyone needed to be cursed before accepting a free car from the tax payers?

index“There are people who in spite of overwhelming and controvertible evidence choose to believe myths which have no basis and fact,” Facts? I suppose dr. Parnis doesn’t mean the fact that doctors always talk about the overwhelming evidence, but never show it. For you see, dr. Parnis, that’s the only fact. This evidence you talk about is only talk. It only exists in the imagination of vaccine pushers. “These groups are resistant to science and think they know better than the medical and scientific communities.” Resistant to non-existing science? Explain that one. And knowing better than the medical community is not very hard. Most doctors don’t even know the ingredients of the shots, let alone that they know what those ingredients do in a baby. They tell parents that brain inflammation is normal and they stubbornly label every serious vaccine reaction as “coincidence”. Why would anyone with a bit of common sense ask a doctor about vaccines? That would make less sense than asking me advice about cars (and I happen to know close to nothing about cars).

“many parents who do not vaccinate their children rely on herd immunity.” No, they don’t. Most of those parents couldn’t care less whether other children are vaccinated or not. They know that the shots don’t work and they wouldn’t want other children to be harmed by those same shots. This shows a total lack of knowledge and insight. Strange for a psychological study. “The concept is based on the belief” Wow, we finally get a sensible statement. Herd immunity is a belief. That’s true. It’s not based on any kind of scientific fact. And the fact that it doesn’t work shows that it’s a hoax. Not so hard to see. But the belief is stubborn.

“people should be concerned about the spread of tetanus, diphtheria and the rota virus.” The spread of tetanus? Dr. Parnis, can you please go back to school and learn some very basic facts? Tetanus is not an infectious disease and cannot spread. Why would anyone take one word seriously from someone who lacks the most basic medical knowledge? This man is just parroting things he has heard, but he didn’t hear it properly and parrots the wrong information. It’s really embarrasssing, though it seems like vaccine pushers are never embarrassed by anything they say, not matter how stupid.index

But aside from showing a total lack of knowledge the vaccine pushers should be ashamed of something else: that a dead baby is used again and again and again to push their political agenda. Nobody with a shred of decency would use a dead baby for that. That might not be a very scientific idea, but psychologically it couldn’t be more true. If you go that low then you should be released from any public function, as you are too dangerous for society.

“we regard our newborn children as the most precious things we have.” Really? The last time I checked a baby was worth ab0ut $1500 in vaccines. That’s really not that much. But of course if you count the huge medical costs that come after the vaccines the number goes up very quickly. Babies are sold by the medical establishment and many doctors know it, but can’t face the facts. Once the vaccine house of cards will collapse (and that will happen) many of these doctors and nurses won’t be able to fool themselves any longer. And then we can expect a wave of suicides. That’s my psychological prediction and it’s more scientific than all the pro-vax rubbish that is produced by these researchers.


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