Virus and disabilities in newborns

Cytamegalovirus is the leading cause of non-genetic disabilities in newborns. At least that’s what scientists say. But I would like to see some proof of that.

“Cytomegalovirus (CMV) can cause hearing and vision loss and intellectual disability.” Interesting. Where did I hear this before? I think it was rubella and chickenpox that were blamed for these problems. But once you start digging into these things it appears that there is no proof whatsoever for these statements and only a weak correlation.

7074770-3x2-700x467So according to the mother of a disabled child this virus can cause hearing problems, cerebral palsy and intellectual disability. That sounds like a very odd virus, to affect completely different parts of the body. I’m sure that soon a variety of other disabilities will also be thrown in, for that’s exactly what happened with rubella. A few decades ago rubella during pregnancy was said to cause eye problems in the baby. But now we have a “congenital rubella syndrome” with a long list of symptoms. Any scientific proof for these statements is lacking. Interesting about the child mentioned is that he is a twin. So what happened to the other twin? Is she healthy? Then that requires an explanation.

“About half the population have been infected with CMV by adulthood and more than three quarters of people by the age of 40.” And here we see the problem. If the majority of the people are infected then why are there not a lot more babies born with disabilities? There should be few healthy babies left. And is this infection with CMV something new or did it always existed? Biology doesn’t allow for the constant new viral diseases, so it must be something old. Why didn’t it affect babies in the past?

CMV“about one in 10 infected babies will have lasting problems.” Why? Why doesn’t it affect all babies? And how exactly do you know when someone has been infected? Tests can only find antibodies and nobody knows what they are exactly. And it doesn’t say if someone has developed those antibodies last week, last month or ten years ago.

“That can include deafness, poor eyesight and intellectual disability.” That sounds a lot like the problems that are said to come from an infection with rubella or chickenpox. So what is it? What kind of virus is actually causing the disabilities? It sounds like it’s just a matter of “whatever you can find must be the cause”. Calling that science is a stretch.

The sad reality is that quite a few babies are born with disabilities. Most of them are minor problems, but they can be serious or even life-threatening. It’s also a fact that if you test people for diseases there is a high chance they will get a positive test. And the most viruses you test for, the higher the chance that something comes back positive. Most women who get an infection with these diseases during pregnancy get perfectly healthy babies. And most babies who are born with diabilities have not been exposed to any of these diseases during pregnancy. CMV_1So if you combine these facts then it’s not just coincidence that sometimes disabled babies are born after the mother was infected with something. It’s statistically predictable! One has simply nothing to do with the other.

When a baby is born with a disability parents want to know what is the reason. That’s normal. The problem is that most of the time there is no clear cause. And because parents don’t want to accept that “these things just happen” scientists have started to look for causes. And  because these scientists are obsessed with viruses that is what they will look for. And if you look long enough you will find something, even if it doesn’t make any sense.

But sometimes the cause of congenital disabilities is not so hard to find. Toxic substances most definitely affect the foetus and there are a lot of those around us. Doctors don’t really want to see that and easily prescribe pregnant women all kinds of drugs and even push them to get injected with toxic vaccines. There is no mentioning of a CMV vaccine in this article, but it’s likely that this one is among the 300 vaccines that are currently in the pipeline. frederick-skvara-cytomegalovirus-cmv-pneumonitis-in-the-lung-h-e-stainAnd once it’s there it will no doubt be pushed on women before, during or after pregnancy. And when that will only increase the number of babies with disabilities they will come up with another explanation that doesn’t make sense. That’s how they keep themselves in a job. And the babies are just collateral damage.

(I used Google to find a few pictures of CMV. Do you also see the problem?)


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