Superbugs and antibiotics

Another superbug is coming to Australia. And that seems to surprise scientists. These people are often surprised by things that ordinary people already knew for a long time. But what exactly is a superbug? It’s not a bacteria that has a higher potential to cause disease. It just means that this bacterium cannot be killed with conventional antibiotics. Is that something to be scared of? Not really.

“Scientists have discovered a new superbug that is not only immune to antibiotics, it can also make other bacteria become drug resistant.” That’s only a part of the truth. These bacteria are immune to synthetic antibiotics, but the natural ones work just fine, as they don’t care about the details. So the bacteria might be drug resistant, but that’s all. Drug resistant bacteria are not really anything new. From the moment penicillin was invented bacteria became resistant to it. 6566142-3x2-340x227But pharmaceutical companies developed new antibiotics, so the bugs could still be killed. But it’s obvious that nature will win in the end. And it looks like that moment is close and that antibiotics will soon be useless.

“Experts say Australia must introduce compulsory testing of all fresh food imports or risk devastating consequences.” If food is contaminated with bacteria there is probably more wrong than a superbug. But do they really think they can stop a bug from entering the country? I don’t think you can test every apple before it gets into the country. And it doesn’t matter anyway, as antibiotics-resistant bacteria are everywhere. And many people eat food with bacteria, but don’t get sick from it. It’s not like half the country suffers from food poisoning all the time.

“said the implications are that a person could consume food that contains the superbug, and even if there are a small number of them, they can convert healthy bugs in that persons bowel to become more superbugs.” Bacteria multipy quickly. That’s nothing new. And bowel bacteria are a kind of superbug, as they are extremely important and the worst thing you can do is kill them. So what exactly is the problem?

“the real worry about the gene is that they have found large numbers in isolates of E.coli and other bacteria in China.” And there we are back to the genes again. But scientists forget that nothing is ever about just one gene. indexDo they have any idea how exactly bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics? I don’t think so. Scientists know very, very little about genes and they don’t know that much more about bacteria.

“Colistin was one of the most powerful drugs doctors had left at their disposal, often used in intensive care when nothing else would work.” So it’s doctors who cause the problems. What’s new? And it’s not true that nothing else would work. No other antibiotics would work, but natural therapies (like high dose vitamin C) would save many lives without toxic drugs. And natural treatments don’t cause resistance.

“He said the superbug could easily spread to Australia.” Don’t worry, it will, not matter what is done. Or else other superbugs will develop here. The huge overuse of antibiotics in both humans and animals have sped up this developement, but from the very beginning it was known that antibiotics wouldn’t last forever. But this was just ignored, as so many things are ignored by scientists.

“we need evidence-based decisions,” We sure do, but don’t rely on scientists to provide that evidence, for that’s not something they are good with. And never rely on politicians to make the right decisions either, for many of them don’t even know the difference between right and wrong. “If we actually really look at the data, the data says there is a problem out there” Do the data really say that? That’s a matter of opinion. And if there is a problem it’s unclear what would be the right way to deal with it.

Resistant-bacteria“Professor Grayson said that new antibiotics may be years away.” If they will ever be developed. The problem with antibiotics is that there is little money to be made with them. People only take these drugs when they need them and there is a lot more money in drugs that people take for a lifetime. And even if new antibiotics would be developed they would likely be extremely toxic. And that kind of poison is the last thing a person needs when they have a weakened immune system.

The way to deal with superbugs is not to try to keep them out of the country, which won’t work anyway. The solution is not the development of new antibiotics. The only way to handle this is by using common sense. Nature provides us with a variety of highly effective treatments against bacterial infections and many other ailments. Isn’t it time to start using them again, instead of continuing with a medical system that has a horrible track record, without any sign of improvement? The answer is obvious and many people start to see it.

One thought on “Superbugs and antibiotics

  1. This article is on the right track but not quite there.

    The key to understanding what is going on is that the exact same so-called superbug that is supposedly resistant to antibiotics in one patient is being treated “successfully” in another patient down the hospital corridor.

    In short, it has nothing to do with the bug – or the antibiotics (well its toxicity may play a role too) – and everything to do with the patient. Antibiotics interfere with the healing process in a similar way as analgesics (strong analgesics).

    Because they can also kill bacteria in a petri dish people equate the interference with the healing process (which suppresses the symptoms) to killing the bacteria so they take this as reinforcement of their prejudice that it is the bacteria that is causing the disease and the abx through killing this bacteria is making people better.

    What is actually going on is that depending on where the patient is in the healing phase the abx either suppresses it, does nothing or exacerbates it. If it is the latter two then the doctors will run around in a panic complaining about a superbug – completely ignoring the patient down the corridor with the exact same bug whose symptoms are being suppressed through the use of antibiotics (which in their eyes is a good thing).

    So abx ‘work’ in the same way that analgesics work. They *also* kill bacteria but that is irrelevant to their efficacy. It is of course a dangerous practice because we need these bacteria in our bodies for various functions but that is irrelevant to this issue.

    Now, mild to moderate symptom suppressing can sometimes be optimal (for example if a respiratory infection is causing swelling that makes breathing difficult) but strong analgesics and abx can take the body entirely out of the healing phase leading to an endless cycle of antibiotic use and sickness. The body needs to go through the healing phase eventually. That is of course in addition to the intrinsic toxicity of these drugs.

    ‘Superbugs’ just mean that the abx aren’t suppressing the symptoms sufficiently.


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