The behaviour of a parasite

Scientists have found a way to kill the Toxoplasma parasite and they think this is great. I’m not so convinced of that. These people always think that everything that makes us sick should be killed with heavy machinery. But there is rarely a need for it and the science behind their actions is usually shaky.

“can survive for decades undetected in humans and possibly change the brain’s behaviour and personality.” So we have a parasite that can live in us for decades without making us sick. The definition of a parasite is “an organism that lives in or on a host and harms the host while benefiting itself”. If a parasite lives in us for decades without harming us, then it’s not a parasite. It would first become a parasite at the moment it makes us sick. But that doesn’t make much sense. So obviously we are not talking about a parasite, but about something else. 7015182-3x2-700x467And “it could possibly change brain’s behaviour and personality”. I didn’t know my brain behaves and has a personality. I do, but my brain? It’s a weird statement. Like I am my brain.

“The finding could lead to a vaccine that would prevent pregnant women being infected by the Toxoplasma gondii parasite, which can increase the risk of miscarriage or severe birth defects.” This is horrible. First I would like to see proof that this parasite (which obviously is not a parasite) actually causes miscarriages and birth defects. I don’t think it exists. Rubella has long been blamed for that and lately also chickenpox has been put in the category “dangerous for pregnant women”. But any proof is lacking. Miscarriages are common and unfortunately loads of children are born with birth defects. At the same time many pregnant women get infections and get perfectly healthy babies. That means that the correlation between infection and miscarriage/birth defect is very weak and can easily be explained by simple coincidence. On the other hand there is a strong correlation and scientific proof that vaccines during pregnancy significantly increase the chance for a miscarriage and are very risky for the unborn baby.

“And it could have implications in the treatment of mental illnesses such as bipolar and lead to drug therapies for those with compromised immune systems such as HIV and cancer patients.” People with mental illnesses don’t need any more drugs. The existing drugs are disastrous and any other drugs cannot possibly be any better. Change of diet, certain vitamins and other natural treatments on the other hand give a very high chance of a cure. indexThose who have been reading my blogs for a while know that HIV doesn’t exist and can’t cause a compromised immune system. And cancer patients don’t have great immune systems, but they are not in danger of a bug, as long as they don’t get chemotherapy.

“The study also reveals a potential mechanism the parasite may use to change brain cells that may contribute to mental illness.” “Potential”, “may” and “may”. That’s a lot of fantasies, but no facts. Come back when you have facts, please. “Once in humans, the parasite hijacks cells in the brain, heart, lungs and muscles.” Does it? In all humans? Or just in humans with too much stress and a junk food diet? It sounds scientific, but if you dig deeper you mainly see assumptions. And inconvenient facts are ignored.

“about 35 per cent of the Australian population carried the parasite,” But most of us don’t get sick of it. If so many healthy people have a bug, then it’s obviously not the bug that makes us sick. And just fighting the bug is then an absurd and very dangerous approach. What these scientists should find out is why a few people get sick when most never notice they have the bug. index 2Then they would be on to something, but the results of the study would probably be that our lifestyles are horrible and need to be changed. And there is no money in that. After all, the article started with mentioning new vaccines and other drugs, so it’s obvious what the researchers are after. So it’s no surprise that the real facts are ignored.

The article still repeats some of the same stuff, but the conclusion is obvious. Toxoplasma is probably not a parasite, has always been around us and rarely causes any harm. Any scientist who says differently is not a scientist, but a fraud trying to find reasons to sell more quack medicine. The scientists are a lot more dangerous than the bug could ever be.


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