Giraffes with long necks

Why does the giraffe have such a long neck? Some people seem to think that that matters and they try to find an answer. And yes, scientists have found that fossil bones from an extinct cousin reveal how the giraffe got its long neck. And in case you wonder: yes, they are serious.

“It has long been thought that the giraffe’s neck was a result of evolution, but fossil evidence had been lacking.” Of course that evidence is lacking, for it’s not remotely possible. And in case the scientists have missed it: there is no fossil evidence for any piece of evolution. That’s a very inconvenient fact, so it’s usually ignored.

6970552-3x2-700x467“scientists describe the neck of a “transitional” or “intermediate” species that existed about 7 million years ago.” Nope. They can only describe what they see. Whatever they do with the facts is interpretation and in this case it’s a very wild interpretation, based on wishful thinking and fantasy.

“are based on analysis of fossil vertebrae of Samotherium major, a giraffid that roamed parts of Eurasia,” So what? If there has been another animal with a long neck, that might be extinct now, how does that prove anything? “a short-necked mammal that lives in central Africa.” So they compared bones of two different species, that lived at two different continents and probably never had any contact with each other. Apples and oranges probably have more in common.

“While today’s giraffe’s neck is about two metres long, the neck of Samotherium major was about half that length, while the okapi neck is just 60 centimetres long.” So what? A dragonfly has a much longer body than a bee. What does this mean? It just means that the neck of giraffe is longer than the neck of an okapi. Anything more is fantasy. “We can finally see the transitional stages in the elongation of the giraffe neck” I don’t see any transitional stages. I just see different animals with different necks. To call this a transitional stage is a huge stretch.

“The bones might not be one individual, but considering the rarity of well-preserved fossil necks, it is likely they came from very few individuals, and that several of the bones came from the same individual”6969810-3x2-700x467 Wait a moment. The fossil that you do all this wishful thinking about is not even just one fossil, but a combination fossil? And it’s *likely* that some of the bones come from one individual? Wow. You must be really desperate to create the conclusions these scientists come with. The average novel does better in creating acceptable facts.

How is it possible that this kind of nonsense is called science? The whole article reads more like a fairy tale than a scientific report. It’s nothing but an awful lot of wishful thinking and it shows a very high level of despair. Scientists have never proven evolution and this kind of publications show that they don’t believe they ever will. It’s quite pathetic. But it keeps these people in a job and it gives them the opportunity to keep fooling themselves. That their foolishness is so obvious doesn’t seem to bother them.

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