It’s warm (at some places)

It’s predictable. This year has a very strong El Nino, which of course will cause hot weather in certain areas of the world. That’s normal. But immediately we are told that it’s the hottest on record and that’s because of climate change. I wonder if these people don’t get tired of their own, endlessly repeated, scare stories.

“The WMO said temperatures have now risen 1 degree Celsius since the industrial revolution” Only 1 degree? I think it might be more. The industrial revolution was somewhere between 1760 and 1840, the middle of the Little Ice Age. During that time it was very cold and Europe was covered in snow and ice. The LIA got to its end around 1900. And guess what? That’s also the moment that temperature records were started. If you start at the end of a very cold period you can expect the temperatures to rise substantially during the period after that. If it’s only 1 degree then that disproves that there is global warming! Oops.4732500-3x2-340x227

“The state of the global climate” Don’t be an idiot, Mr. Jarraud. Climate is “the long-term weather circumstances IN AN AREA”. That per definition makes a global climate impossible. That’s why “climate change” is such an empty term. You can use it to explain away anything and everything. And you can use it to hide that you are talking nonsense. But using “global climate” together immediately gives away that you are a fraud.

“Greenhouse gas emissions, which are causing climate change,” Not so fast. When you make such statements you will have to back them up with solid proof. It’s not so hard to proof that we are polluting the earth, but the story that CO2 causes global warming is old and worn out and it has so many holes in it that it’s just Swiss cheese. “We have a choice — future generations do not.” Yes, you have the choice to shut up before you make an even bigger fool of yourself. But don’t worry, future generations will also have that choice.

“recently the Bureau of Meteorology declared October to be the hottest ever recorded.” I believe that, but even if the recording methods would be reliable this would be meaningless information when you only have 100 years of records. 6974550-3x2-700x467“it wanted to give negotiators the most up to date information before discussions begin at the UN’s Paris Climate Summit next week.” Ah, there we get some truth: it’s about politics. But we already knew that. Why bother with proper data if you need a good story to make politicians happy?

“After a warm January to September, Argentina experienced its coldest October on record.” Nice that you mention it. Are you also going to give us an explanation for that? Obviously Argentina was not affected by this dangerous climate change. I know a few other countries that escaped during the last few years. But let’s forget about the icy cold winters in the northern hemisphere. Facts would for sure ruin a good story.

“This warming blows away the record-breaking 1997-1998 El Nino by a massive 0.2 degrees Celsius,” Yep. That’s why it’s called a super El Nino. That’s unusual, but it happens more. And the problem for the climate scientists is that nobody has any idea whatsoever why El Nino happens, why it happens at irregular intervals and why sometimes it’s stronger than other times. That’s a hole in your knowledge that you can drive a carbon neutral train through. So please, don’t talk about El Nino if you don’t want to display your ignorance.

“The cause of this difference between two similar El Nino years is record levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.” Wow. That’s a huge statement for someone who has no idea what El Nino is and why it happens. indexThere is not something like “similar El Nino years”. El Nino is unpredictable and it can do whatever it wants. Comparing two El Nino years and then saying that higher temperatures are caused by climate change is absurd to the power of CO2. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. When someone is saying such absurd things it’s hard to take one word seriously.

Stop it people. It’s over. The same old scary stories just don’t work anymore. Most people know that there is no climate change. And even if they say they believe in it, they just don’t care anymore. So tell all those politicians not to come to Paris, avoid producing an awful lot of CO2 with their private jets and save their tax payers a lot of money. Then you would at least say something useful.


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