Climate change and sharks

Researchers say that climate change will have a negative effect on sharks. Well, if everything was as the researchers did in their model, then they would possibly be on to something. But climate science and models are not very good friends.

“showed warmer waters and ocean acidification would slowly destroy the ability of sharks to hunt.” That’s likely true, for such changes in habitat are not good for species. Sometimes they adapt, but often they don’t. But what does that mean? “Researchers studied Port Jackson sharks in climate change conditions in large tanks with natural habitat and prey over seven months.” Climate change conditions? That sounds like they have no doubt at all that the whole world is warming up, including the oceans. And they assume that sharks in a tank (with no possibilities to relocate) behave the same as sharks in the ocean.6760942-3x2-340x227

“the combination of warmer water and high carbon dioxide levels increased the amount of food the sharks needed.” Or maybe that only  happened because those poor animals lived in a tank. But even if it wasn’t the tank itself, then still the circumstances the researchers created are highly artificial.

“Professor Nagelkerken said the impact of climate change could result in fewer shark attacks due to a reduction in hunting.” That sounds like the professor actually thinks that there is something good in the bad outcome of his study. A bit weird.  “We should keep in mind that humans aren’t natural prey of sharks … but if these species lose their sense of smell potentially that could lead to fewer attacks,” Huh? We aren’t on the shark menu, but climate change could still mean fewer attacks. Climate scientists have real problems keeping their stories straight.

“But he said more research was needed to determine exactly what role a shark’s sense of smell played in attacks.” Now I’m getting really confused. Was this study about climate change or about the shark nose? It becomes completely unclear what the goal of this study was. It looks like they just did a study, hoping for an outcome that they could use to do more research. 1319057520150For in the end that’s what scientists want: more research, so that they keep their jobs safe.

So also this study can be classified as completely useless. It’s not based on any kind of science, but it’s more like a hobby project. And the researchers can’t even make clear what they were doing and what they were doing it for. These people should get jobs, so that they do something useful.



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