The mysteries of the moon

Some mysteries should better remain mysteries. Especially when the only existing explanations are nothing but fantasy. Like the new model that astronomers have developed about the moon. Always be careful when you see the word “model” in any kind of scientific publication: you will usually find a lot of assumptions, but no facts.

“that solves the last remaining major questions about the birth of the Moon” That is already the first big assumption. Who says that the moon has been “born”? I would like to see some proof for that, but they don’t have it. And if the basis of your theory is incorrect, then all the rest is also unscientific. 6919116-3x2-700x467

“Similarities in the geology of the Earth and the Moon have supported the idea that they share a common origin” It also supports opposite ideas. It’s not so difficult to prove an idea. If you search long enough and you use enough creativity you usually find a way to get there. But that’s not science. If your findings also support opposite theories, then you still have absolutely nothing whatsoever. That’s why scientists usually ignore all the things that do not support their theories, or that support the opposite theories. Ignoring half of your findings because they don’t suit you has nothing to do with science.

“That raises the question of why don’t we find them in lunar rock samples?” So now I’m waiting for a scientific explanation. But it’s not coming. “colleagues decided to combine new and existing models of how the Moon formed.” All they have is models, which are based on assumptions and wishful thinking. No matter how many of such models you combine, you still have fiction. A thousand books of fiction don’t make a reliable reference work.6919234-3x2-700x467

And from there things get only worse. “the collision of a Mars-sized body into the ancient proto-Earth.” That’s what they base their ideas on. But where is the proof that Mars and Earth ever collided? What exactly is a proto-earth? They can throw as much science speak in as they want, but it won’t change the obvious fact that this is all fiction. If this would be published as a book, then the public library should put the label “fantasy” on it. That’s where it belongs. But it won’t make it on the library shelves, for the quality if way too poor.


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