Surviving breast cancer

A lot of medical research is in the category “finding what was already known for a long time”. But obviously you can still make a nice living by doing so. Like this study that shows that a healthy lifestyle improves the survival chances of women with breast cancer.

Everyone is told that exercising is good for you, but obviously women were told that they should do as little as possible while undergoing treatment for breast cancer. I can imagine that you wouldn’t have the energy for exercising when you are being poisoned, but that doesn’t even seem to be the point. Oncologists just gave the wrong advice, because they were clueless.

6917412-3x2-700x467“For a long time doctors said to their patients it doesn’t really matter what you eat” Can you imagine a doctor telling to eat whatever junk food you want, because it doesn’t matter? Maybe someone should tell these doctors about Hippocrates, who said “let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”. And it’s not like oncologists don’t know that cancer loves sugar. They know that very well, but still they don’t forbid their patients to eat sugar. I suppose they just don’t want their patients to get cured. “There is no business like return business”, that’s something oncologists are very familiar with.

“growing body of research has shown that exercise can increase the chances of surviving breast cancer.” So obviously it’s not just one study, but a lot of research is done to find out what’s already known. I must say that it’s an achievement to present this as science and get paid for it.

“Cancer treatment, whether you have it publicly or privately, is actually really expensive” That’s true. The cancer industry is huge and the profits are even bigger. And all that money goes to treatments that have at the very most a 2% cure rate. It’s probably a lot lower, for it’s likely that most of those 2% are cured in spite of the treatment, not because of it. But even if the 2% were true, then still the treatments kill a lot more patients than they cure. An exercise group once a week won’t make much of a difference there.6917298-3x2-700x467

“I started with chemotherapy, seven cycles, then after that the surgery, then after that six weeks of radiotherapy” To ber honest, I have no idea how a person can survive this, but obviously some do. But how can you still have energy to exercise? A person must be extremely motivated to combine that. It’s a real shame that people are not motivated to cure themselves without getting mutilated, poisoned and burned. A woman like this could easily do it, if she would just get the correct scientific information, instead of being dragged into the quackery of oncology.

“Dr Pugliano is concerned that some women are still getting the wrong advice, but she believes things are changing.” I agree with her. Every person with cancer who goes to an oncologist gets the wrong advice. Instead of advising treatments that cure instead of kill, patients are still told that without the conventional treatments they will die. 6917294-3x2-340x227And they aren’t told that with these treatments they will probably die a lot earlier. Definitely wrong advise. And yes, things are changing. More and more people start to realize that conventional cancer treatments are a very bad idea and they choose a variety of alternatives, which together can give least a 99% chance for cure. And that’s a real cure, not 5 years survival.

But what I completely miss is that a healthy lifestyle is also really helpful in preventing cancer. Exercise might not help much with weight loss, but it definitely makes you fit and that’s very important. If you combine that with a healthy diet, nutritional supplements and some herbs your chances for cancer aren’t 1:3, but probably 1:1000, if not lower. It will probably be hard to get that chance at zero, but right now 1:1000 is good enough for me. And I don’t need dr. Pugliano to tell me that.


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