The mysteries of a tobacco plant

Do you want to grow crops in space? Queensland scientists might be able to help you. Well, don’t count on it, for their research is based on nothing but guesses, assumptions and wishful thinking. And why would anyone want to grow crops in space anyway? Crops belong on earth, but some people have a bit of a problem with that concept.

These scientists say that an Australian native tobacco plant “had thrown out its immune system in favour of rapid reproduction and over-sized seeds.” Do they really believe that? Why would any plant commit suicide by throwing out its immune system? It wouldn’t last long enough to produce seeds. What they say is that they have no idea what the plant is doing, for they have never seen it before.  And that they have no idea what an immune system is.6908918-3x4-340x453

“the scientists mapped the gene fault that turned off the plant’s immune system.” Wait a moment, this goes very fast. They are not familiar with the plant and how it functions, so they don’t know much about its genes or how it lives, but they know what gene is faulty and what the effect is. That sounds like an impossible combination. Any kind of genetic research is mainly based on fantasies, but this is so obvious that I can’t imagine anyone would take it seriously.

“They said that discovery would open up whole new worlds of research in medicine and food production.” Luckily they are completely wrong, for the last thing we need is more genetic messing in medicine and in our food supply. Nature has produced highly effective medicine for as long as the earth exists and messing with that is the worst thing anyone could think of.

“Researchers testing genes or developing antibodies can get results in four days instead of a year.” So that means that they can make 100 times more blunders and increase the potential damage to the earth a lot. That sounds like a horrible idea.  “The Pitjuri plant was recently used to develop a vaccine for the Ebola virus.” See what I mean with destroying the earth? Vaccines are one of the most horrible inventions possible and they have done more harm than all wars in history together.

“Using a molecular clock, they discovered the plant variety was 750,000 years old.” I don’t know what a molecular clock is, but it sounds like it involves again a variety of assumptions. Any kind of determination of such kind of age is based on assumptions, for nobody knows what happened that long ago. 6909364-3x2-340x227

“The scientists found in the hostile environment, disease was rare but drought was plentiful.” And? How does that lead to the conclusion that the plant didn’t need an immune system? Without an immune system all living things would die, but the problem is that hardly anything is known about immune systems. Not in humans, not in animals and most definitely not in plants that scientists don’t know much about. Be careful with anyone who pretends to know a lot about immunity: they are making things up.

“Now they have sequenced the Pitjuri plant’s genome, the scientists are keen to test their discovery with other plants.” Messing with nature has always been a very bad idea and it’s still a very bad idea. It never leads to anything good. History has told us that many times, but scientists don’t do history and they don’t learn from historical mistakes. That makes them dangerous.

“He said that opened up whole new possibilities for biotech research in the rapid development of human antibodies.” That sounds like they know what antibodies mean, but reality is that they have very little idea. They have learnt that antibodies mean immunity and they never look any further. That’s why they don’t see all the things that contradict this theory. And that’s why they keep pushing useless vaccines, that harm people by forcing the body to produce antibodies that won’t protect against anything. The expression “none is as blind as he who won’t see” definitely applies here. Without their neat, but incorrect, antibody theory they wouldn’t have anything to work with anymore.

index“That offers new hope in expanding options for growing food in other environments where disease is rare, such as space.” Keep dreaming, guys. As I said, earthly food belongs on earth and not anywhere else. If food should be grown in space there would be an option to grow it there, without scientists messing with our food supply here on earth.

Some scientists do useful things, many are just very well paid hobbyists, but guys like these are dangerous. They feel like gods and think they have the right to mess with the earth, that another 7 billion people need to live on. Let’s hope they won’t get the chance, but if they get paid well enough then they will do anything. Till some day they will realize that the earth is gone, that there’s nothing to eat and that money won’t keep them alive.


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