Cancer and brain problems

It’s always interesting when researchers come with studies that are obviously wishful thinking and don’t make much sense to start with. They have now found out that cancer causes memory problems. And it has nothing to do with chemo. So what they are saying is that chemotherapy is not so horribly toxic to the brain that it can cause permanent brain damage. Nope, it’s the cancer that does it.

Everyone who thinks about this can figure out that a study like this can be manipulated in many ways, as testing “memory problems” is not an objective thing. You can change the tests, the questions, the time people do the test and most of all you can ask the questions in exactly the form that will get you the desired results. It’s often remarkable that so many people give the “wrong” answers or cause the “wrong” test result. But I suppose 100% would look a bit suspicious.6560976-3x2-340x227

“researchers believe the results hold true for people with many cancers” I love it when people who call themselves scientists say that they believe in something. It sounds so completely unconvincing. “So what we found to our great surprise was that there was great high rates cognitive impairment before people had received any chemotherapy whatsoever,” That doesn’t surprise me at all. In most cases doctors want to start the treatment as soon as possible and the patient has hardly time to deal with the diagnosis. In a matter of 1-2 weeks you hear that you have cancer and you face the horrible treatment of chemotherapy. Who would be able to concentrate on anything? It’s known that after “you have cancer” most patients don’t even hear anymore what the doctor says. The word “cancer” has that effect on a person’s brain. What’s new about that?

“Even a year later, when there was no trace of bowel cancer in the patient’s bodies, they were still three times more likely to have issues with things like memory and concentration than healthy people.” So basically they are saying that the cancer is not the cause. Else the problems would disappear together with the cancer. But of course all those patients they tested were treated with the conventional treatments and they probably did get chemo. So the memory problems caused by the diagnosis were seemlessly replaced by memory problems caused by the chemo. It’s not so hard to see.

“We were expecting the cancer patients who had received chemotherapy to have more cognitive impairment” I would love to see the details of this study, for it’s a known fact that poisoning a person causes neurological problems. So saying that chemo does not affect the brain must be a strong case of wishful thinking. But as I explained above, cancerthis kind of study can be manipulated in many ways, so unless you know the exact details this is completely meaningless. (If you would know the details it would most likely also be completely meaningless).

“focused on bowel cancer, but researchers believe the results would be similar for many cancers.” And again the researchers believe something. They have a lot of beliefs, but so few facts. For what do they have exactly? Just the results of testing some patients for their cognitive abilities, which is highly unreliable even without manipulating the results. “The researchers did not find what caused the decline in cognitive ability.” So they even admit themselves that they are clueless.

A study like this would get considerably more interesting if they would include people who had got a cancer diagnosis, but used natural treatments to cure themselves. Would they also have these memory problems two years later? I doubt that very much, but we don’t know. For natural treatments don’t work, so all those people who refuse conventional treatments are dead after two years. Except for the 99% that lives happily ever after. But mentioning that would mess up the scientific studies, so let’s not talk about that.

cancer council logo2 medAnd this is the kind of research that the Cancer Council wants billions of dollars a year for. Because somehow it would be so important. It’s clear that all that money just disappears into the pockets of people who admit that they have no idea what they are doing or why they are doing it.


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