The cause of obesity

Obesity has a variety of causes, which all influence each other. But instead of looking at the obvious problems scientists love to make things difficult and they love to blame genes. So they have come with yet another study that shows that it’s our genes that make us fat. The problem is that we have always had those genes, but 100 years ago they didn’t make us fat. So genes can never be anything more than just a predisposition. But even that’s quite unlikely.

“Dr Giles Yeo said some people are born with an inefficient “sensing signal”, making it more difficult to identify when their body needs food.” Again dr. Yeo, why didn’t this happen 100 years ago? Obesity was rare then and it’s epidemic now. And how do you know that people are born that way? 394142-3x2-340x227

“In some people, however, this sensing signal is slightly less efficient”. And how is this genetic or congenital? Isn’t it much more likely that this is a result of environmental factors (like eating too much or the wrong food from a very early age)? You can find proof for any theory, if you just search well enough.

“chances are they’re fighting their biology,” In most cases that’s probably true. For when you get the wrong type of food from a very young age your body adjusts and it can be difficult to correct that later. And if you are filled up with antibiotics as a baby, then you fight an extremely difficult fight later in life. (Farmers feed healthy animals antibiotics because that makes them fat quicker. The same effect happens in humans).

Dr. Yeo is a genetics scientist and it’s perfectly obvious that he just wanted to prove a theory. And an experienced scientist won’t have too many problems coming up with genes for any kind of problem. If you just focus on one thing and ignore everything else than theories like this one can easily emerge. That doesn’t mean they have any scientific value or are based on any real facts. 2000px-Obesity-waist_circumference.svg

The epidemic of obesity needs to be stopped from a variety of directions. Breast milk instead of formula, no antibiotics for children and a complete ban on sugary foods advertised to children would be a really, really good start. Then we also need a ban on all the endocrine disrupting poison that is so generally available everywhere. And if then the adults would learn to eat normal amounts of real food, then eventually the epidemic of obesity would disappear. But as long as people like dr. Yeo can get publicity for their nonsensical studies the chances for real change are slim (no pun intended).


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