Obesity, diabetes and proteins

Researchers are trying very hard to find ways to deal with obesity, without telling people to change their lifestyles and without affecting the sales of drugs. It’s a tough one, for you need to make simple things incredibly complicated. And scientists are good with that, but it has its limits. Nevertheless they have found a protein that has something to do with burning fat. But they don’t say that humans have spontaneously developed this protein (or lost it) during the last few decades. So how could this have anything to do with the problem? Oops, I shouldn’t ask that question, I suppose. For then you enter the area of common sense and that doesn’t really match with medical science.

“researchers have found the sensor is being also accidently activated by high energy diets, which can resemble an infection.” 5375860-3x2-340x227Accidentally? It’s amazing how many design flaws these people find in the human body. It’s a mystery how we have survived for so long without scientists who can find the flaws and “correct” them.

“In people with obesity, lipids accumulate in the organs like the muscle and the liver, and that leads to metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.” I think that the researchers miss a few things here. Like sugar converting to fat and overeating causing too many calories. That might or might not have anything to do with specific proteins, but limiting it to these proteins is so extremely short sighted that it qualifies as “legally blind”. There are a lot of legally blind scientists in medical research.

“The researchers also found that the immune system played a bigger role than first thought in regulating metabolism.” Wow, really? If you eat too much junk you get sick a lot easier. We knew that, but the researchers hadn’t realised it yet. Oh well, you are never too old to learn.

“Dr Masters said obesity and diseases like type 2 diabetes were a massive burden on the health system.” That’s true. That’s why we urgently need to deal with this. “I would caution that although we can design drugs and try and hit these pathways” Ah, there we get the answer to the question why they make things hard, when they are so simple: 2000px-Obesity-waist_circumference.svgthey are trying to develop a drug that solves obesity without anyone needing to do anything. Too bad it doesn’t work, so right now they still need to add that a change in diet and more exercise are probably more effective. But now worries, they just need more time and then they will develop this drug.

Obesity is indeed a problem, as is diabetes (both types are skyrocketing). So we need drastic changes in society. First of all, all the sugary junk food should be banned. Then all other junk food should be banned. Then doctors should be told that the next time they prescribe antibiotics for a viral infection or a minor illness they will be suspended. Then vaccines should be taken off the market, as they mess up a kids immune system big time. And then we could all be amazed how healthy the population would become again. But we all know that these things won’t happen any time soon. So the researchers keep searching for a miracle pill, while the people keep stuffing themselves with antibiotics and sugar, while watching commercials for McDonalds and pharmaceuticals.


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