Why do we have hands?

Some science is serious, a lot is fiction and a lot is hobbyism. And some science only fits in the category “entertainment”. Like a study that is supposed to show why humans have hands. There is no use in such a study and per definition it’s based on just a lot of wild theories and funny assumptions. So to classify this as science is nothing be a joke. The stated goal of the study is already weird. They want to know why men have developed hands, but they don’t seem to realize that women also have hands. If men have hands to fight over women, then why have women hands? Oops.

“found a clenched fist could strike a blow with double the force of an open-handed slap.” They had to study that? This has been known for a long time and it’s not so hard to calculate. 6878960-3x2-340x227You don’t need fancy tests for that. Simple calculations would come up with that result. “Humans have shorter palms and fingers and longer, stronger and more flexible thumbs than other apes.” Can they stop insulting the public? I’m not an ape, I’m a human. I do not appreciate being put into the same box as gorillas.

“Our hands are a unique feature,” I will tell the scientists a secret: humans are unique creatures and we have loads of things that animals don’t have. And we miss loads of things that animals do have. So what? “Professor Carrier has previously argued that the evolution of our faces was also partly driven by violent behaviour.” I would really like to hear how he comes to that conclusion. It doesn’t make any sense. And of course it’s not based on anything to begin with.

“Professor Carrier acknowledged the idea that aggressive behaviour played a role in the evolution of the human hand was controversial.” Can fantasies be controversial? Is Alice in Wonderland controversial? Fantasies can only be controversial if you present them as scientific facts, but then you are basically committing fraud. And of course many people believe lies and fraud. History has told us that the human race is pretty gullible in the hands of talented charlatans.

“But Professor Carrier said the male-female difference in lean body mass and upper body muscular strength are relatively large — and that differences in hand shape and size are among the most significant.” And that somehow supports his theories? 6878984-3x2-340x227I’m not quite sure how he comes to that conclusion. But no matter how wild your theory, if you search long enough you can always find things that support it. That doesn’t mean that your theory makes any sense.

The problem with this kind of research is that it’s based on an unscientific fantasy. Evolution is an interesting theory, but there has never been the tiniest piece of proof for it and it doesn’t even make any sense. That is not what many people want to hear, but the absence of facts is the absence of facts. If you cannot prove something, then call it a fantasy, or a belief if you want. I don’t say that everyone should believe in creation.  You can also believe in evolution, or in any other concept. But don’t call something science when there isn’t even one single facts to support your wild theories.

This whole study belongs in the joke box. It’s so absurd that it is slightly entertaining. A sensible person can only laugh about this. Why researchers get paid for this is beyond my understanding, for there are people who are a lot better at entertaining. And they don’t even pretend to be serious. So let’s go to the theater and forget about this kind of research.


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