Antibiotics and their use

A lot of medical research is in the category “horse behind the cart”. Scientists develop really fancy solutions for problems that shouldn’t exist in the first place. This new way to reduce the use of antibiotics in children is definitely in this category.

Antibiotics are known as miracle drugs and they surely have saved a lot of lives. But it has also been known from the very beginning that bacteria very quickly develop resistence against these drugs and not so long after that the problems with these medicines started to show. Yes, antibiotics kill bacteria that are responsible for illness, but they also kill many other bacteria. I’m not only talking about the gut bacteria, but we have loads of bacteria everywhere and we need them. Killing them is a very bad idea.

indexNevertheless Australian doctors prescribe antibiotics like they are lollies and give them liberally to children as well, where the harm almost always far outways the benefits. But instead of giving doctors proper education scientists have developed fancy tests, so that at least doctors know if antibiotics would be of any use at all. There were times that doctors just knew what to do by asking the right questions, but nowadays these people are lost without tests.

The new tests will help in quickly diagnosing life-threatening infections. Well, life-threatening? The article continues with a story about a child with a chest infection. That’s rarely life-threatening and can usually be solved with simple natural remedies. But doctors don’t know anything about things like vitamin C or herbs. They pump little kids full of antibiotics and then still don’t know if it will help. In the category “first do no harm” this is a big FAIL.

How did children ever survive without all those antibiotics? Well, eh, children never got that many infections. We live in a time where children are particularly sick and are regular visitors at GP practices and Emergency Rooms. Parents are really busy taking the children from one medical appointment to another and nobody seems to notice that that’s not normal. Nope, we just pump the kids full with antibiotics and then develop tests to limit that amount a little bit. Like I said, a clear example of the horse behind the cart.

6871004-3x2-340x227“said the tests would provide answers to a “holy grail” problem of child medicine.” No professor, the answer would be to prevent the children from getting infections in the first place. Another answer would be to educate doctors and parents how do treat infections with simple remedies. But those kind of answers are unwanted in medical research, because these things work too well.

“The question we are always faced with: do they need antibiotics?” I can answer that question: they rarely do. And if they do need them, then there are many natural antibiotics that would do a better job, without doing any harm. It’s really not so hard, professor Everard.

“Once the samples are taken at hospitals they will be delivered to Murdoch University to be analysed by multi-million-dollar supercomputers.” Here we get an idea about why the test has been developed. Might it be that those computers need to pay themselves back? It’s very likely that that plays a role. After all it’s no secret that scientists like to keep each other in the job.

imagesSo what could be done to prevent infections? Well, you cannot prevent everything. But it would help if babies would be breastfed again instead of getting formula. That would prevent a lot of infections in infants. Don’t feed children sugar, for sugar is known to lower the natural resistance against infections (and baby formula contains and awful lot of sugar!) And don’t give children vaccinations, for they are very wel known for causing a variety of problems with the immune system. Vaccine pushers always deny that, but they know they are lying. They just have their own agendas, which have nothing to do with the health of our children.

No matter the fancy scientific terminology, for most children the safest way to go is to simply stay away from doctors. Doctors just don’t know enough to safely treat children, or adults for that matter. And that’s not fiction. Unfortunately that’s a hard fact. And trillions of dollars for medical research every year will not change that simple fact.


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