Ebola virus stays alive

Though officially the Ebola outbreak in Africa is over (but then at once it’s not over, or it is, or it isn’t, don’t believe the media) the Ebola hoax keeps going. Now a new study of male Ebola survivors has revealed the virus lives on in semen. Ebola as a STD, it’s definitely a new angle to an old story.

“The report published in the New England Journal of Medicine found two-thirds of men had Ebola in their semen after six months, and a quarter after nine months.” So what? Do they know what this means? Nope, they don’t. They have no clue what they are doing, but that has never stopped a scientist from publishing weird stories. Map_of_Ebola_Outbreak_-_1_October_2014.svgIf a virus is a dangerous intruder that makes us sick, then why doesn’t our immune system deal with it? Either a virus makes us sick, or our immune system eliminates it. You can’t have it both ways. The story of dormant viruses or viruses that are still infectious months after infection just doesn’t make any sense. Unless of course a person would have a particularly bad immune system, but then there are bigger problems.

“All of the men who were tested in the first three months after becoming ill were positive for Ebola virus.” And how many men who were not sick were tested for the virus? And do the scientists actually know what an Ebola virus looks like? Considering that it’s not possible to see a live virus with a microscope any kind of testing is questionable, simply because nobody has any idea what they actually test for. The colourful pictures that usually go with any Ebola story do not show a virus, but something that can easily be photographed. Though even this is not so sure, for many colourful pictures of germs are clearly made up. They look impressive, but so does a work of Van Gogh or Picasso. That doesn’t mean they show reality.

“A separate study found that Ebola can be sexually transmitted by a survivor six months after symptoms began.” So where are all the people who got sick from sex? I haven’t heard of a new epidemic, but that might still happen. It might simply be ebolathe wrong time for another epidemic. After all, many epidemics are just created from behind a computer screen and have nothing to do with reality. The people who read about it at another screen will have to blindly accept that what they read is the truth. More and more people don’t do that anymore.

“The massive outbreak in Africa that emerged in 2013 has killed 11,000 people, but this time there were many more survivors than previous outbreaks.” A massive outbreak when only 11,000 people got sick during a year? That’s a huge exaggeration. Besides nobody knows how many people were sick, how many died and what they died from. No country has proper registration of cause of death and African countries are not known for their detailed registration of things like this anyway. So all these numbers are just made up.

“We have very little understanding of the long-term health consequences of having survived Ebola infections.” Funny. With most viral infections you are supposed to have lifelong immunity after you have recovered. But somehow there are exceptions, though nobody knows why. The flu virus is the only one that mutates every year. HIV is the only virus that kills everyone. Hepatitis is a virus that stays dormant for decades. And Ebola is a virus that is still waiting for a scary description. A bit of common sense will tell you that these stories don’t remotely add up. This kind of “science” is just made up according to the needs.6843410-3x2-340x227

“Associate Professor Messaoudi said the research will revolutionise care for Ebola survivors” Revolutionise? What are they going to do now? Give all these people extremely toxic antivirals? That will surely kill most of them, but nevertheless I don’t doubt that this will be the way they choose. And it also exposes why this kind of research is done. It’s not to find facts and it has nothing to do with science. This is obviously bought science and if you would dig deep enough you will no doubt find out that the study has been funded by the pharmaceutical industry. I dare to state that, because most of these kind of studies are funded by this industry.

“It also reminds us that the Ebola epidemic could be far from over,” I think here we can find an important reason for this research. We are not allowed to forget how dangerous Ebola is and that it hasn’t disappeared at all. We need to be kept at a certain level of fear, so that when the vaccine comes available a new epidemic can be created and people will line up for the shot. It’s not so hard to see, as all these scare campaigns follow the same pattern. It’s highly predictable.

500_F_68354003_s0NDUfGifNxaDJn9OwbSIxNFkcN7Xw7GHow much should we believe from a virology professor? Well, eh, nothing, as virology is a hoax in itself. Viruses have never been proven to cause disease. The professor has never seen a live virus. Nobody knows how viruses make sick. The descriptions of how viruses behave and how they make us sick it based on assumptions, fantasy and wishful thinking. I have studied the topic and was shocked by the total absence of facts. So if anyone pretending to know a lot about viruses comes with statements about viral diseases, then you know that per definition they are lying. They don’t know anything and whatever they tell you is just fiction. And this Ebola research is not different. After the E of Ebola comes the F of Fiction.


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