Antarctic ice

Scientists fear that the antarctic ice shelf might collapse and that will make the sea levels rise. We have heard that before and as usual also this article is full of possibilities, but no facts.

“Warming of 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius above current levels could lead to “unstoppable” sea level rise”. Nice statement, but if you take away the scare factor there isn’t much left. For will the temperature rise 2 degrees above current levels? That’s highly unlikely when the temperatures are going down. And if it would get that hot, then this “could” lead to sea level rise. Doesn’t sound very convincing.6853744-3x2-700x467

A new model shows this. There we get the explanation for this nonsense. The scientists have use another computer model. And history has shown us that those models are almost always completely wrong and in the few other cases they are partially wrong. So why would anyone believe this new model? But it’s based on IPCC scenarios. What scenario exactly? I suppose they are talking about the scenario that the current decrease in temperature is only temporary and that it will get warmer again soon. That’s not a scenario, that’s wishful thinking.

“The good news, said the scientists, is that their research suggests it’s not too late to stop this, if we’re prepared to take tough action to reduce greenhouse emissions.” And there we go again. I have news for these scientists: these scare messages have been thrown into our faces so often that the people are tired of it. Every time again they have been proven to be incorrect and the result is that the people have lost their interest in the topic. The greenhouse gases and the hot days, it’s an old story and people don’t want to hear it anymore. They want something new, but climate scientists just don’t manage to come up with anything new. They just recycle the old stuff.300px-Antarctica.svg

“According to the IPCC global sea levels could rise over current levels by about 30 to 100 centimetres by 2100,” And Tony Abbott was the best prime minister Australia has ever had. The IPCC is a political organisation, with a political agenda, and it tells political lies. No reason to believe a word of what they are saying. The thing is that in spite of all the scare stories the sea levels haven’t risen one centimeter over the last few decades. Again, come with something new to convince us. This story is worn out.

The article keeps going on telling us that researchers have frantically tried to come up with some new information, but only succeed in repeating the old scare stories. Hello there? The old stories have lost their power. Nobody cares about them anymore. So why do you keep going on and on about this? It’s quite pathetic to keep preaching when there is no audience left.

Oh well, I better stop writing this blog post. For as I said several times, nobody is interested in the topic anymore. When I write about climate change few people read it, because they have better things to do with their time. The topic is closed. People are tired of scare stories that never get real. They have gone on with their lives, while the climate scientists have got stuck in the past. I suggest that these people find themselves jobs instead of making complete, utter fools of themselves.


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