Genetically modified science

I often say that a lot of science is just about money. Australian scientists have just been awarded 1 million dollars to genetically modify plants to make drugs. 1 million dollars sounds a lot, but in the bigger picture this is nothing. Every year trillions of dollars are spent on medical research and as we all know the results of it are minimal. And using genetically modified plants to treat HIV and cancer does not sound like it will ever be remotely helpful.

medicinal-cannabis“Professor Craik said the “bio-drugs” would be cheap, more potent, and with fewer side effects than regular pharmaceutical drug.” That’s a smoke screen. Nature has a wide variety of medicines and they cost close to nothing (you might have weeds growing in your garden which might actually be medicine). And they are often even more potent than pharmaceuticals, have minimal side effects and are perfectly safe. No pharmaceutical product will ever even get close to any of these.

“For example we have a prostate cancer drug lead that we could put into sunflower seeds, so that people wouldn’t necessarily have to swallow tablets or capsules but could be having their prostate cancer drug as part of their diet, he said.” Wow. Is there really anyone who would think this is a good idea? Putting extremely toxic drugs into food is very close to poisoning the world. And that’s a crime against humanity.

“We think this could really have major advantages for the developing world because, for example, the life expectancy of a male in Tanzania today is 37 years, and that’s because of HIV AIDS.”map-tanzania No sir, that’s not because of HIV AIDS. That’s because of malnutrition, poverty, war and poisoning. The last thing these people need is more poison.

“But if we could be, for example, putting an anti-HIV medicine into a plant that they could be growing in their backyard, making a tea from the plant, in theory it could be something that could revolutionise the treatment of HIV in Africa.” And then that plant would spread it seeds, mess with the soil and pollute the country even more, sending sick and poor people into more sickness and poverty. If this wouldn’t be a crime against humanity, then what is?

Messing with nature is a very bad idea. GMO foods are already killing people everywhere. Polluting the earth further with bio drugs is worse than any war that has ever happened in the history of the earth. For a war is limited to a certain area and eventually it ends. Genetically manipulating plants will never be limited to an area and nobody knows if the disaster will ever end. Will nature eventually take care of it and destroy GMO plants? Or will this simply be the beginning of the end of the earth? Nobody knows. It’s just a big experiment without the consent of 7 billion people who need to live in this earth.

Crimes against humanity are sometimes harshly punished. And sometimes you get 1 million dollars to do it. And if you say that it’s science you might even get praised for it. But it’s still the same crime.


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