Elephants don’t get cancer

Scientists have unravelled the secret to why elephants rarely get cancer despite their large size. Really? “Despite their large size” already shows that the scientists don’t have any idea what they are talking about. They obviously don’t know that cancer is a system disease and has nothing to do with the size of the animal or person.

Elephants have a lot more of a certain gene than humans and as this gene has something to do with cancer suppression this is the reason why elephants don’t get cancer. Well, no. Elephants have them because they need them and humans have few because they don’t need any more. Nature is not stupid, unlike the scientists who think they know everything better and mess up nature’s perfection.

6841364-3x2-340x227“Elephants have been considered an enigma for years because they have far more cells than people, which would presumably place them at higher risk of cancer over their lifespans, which can last 50-70 years.” Why would that give elephants a higher risk? Sorry, but I fail to see the connection between number of cells and cancer risk. A healthy body won’t get cancer. 150 years ago humans rarely got cancer. You can argue that the more (fat) cells humans grow, the higher their risk for cancer. But that has nothing to do with the number of cells either, but with the reason why people grow those fat cells.

“And yet, the analysis of a large database of elephant deaths showed that less than 5 per cent of elephants die of cancer, compared to 11 to 25 per cent in people.” Wait, the article starts with saying that elephants rarely get cancer and now they say that 5% of them die of cancer. Do we live in such a sick world that 5% cancer rate is “rare”? It seems so. Well, if you start with such a disatrous assumption you can expect a lot of weird things from any kind of research.

“By all logical reasoning, elephants should be developing a tremendous amount of cancer” What logical reasoning? I don’t see any logical reasoning. Dr. Schiffman, can you explain? “We think that making more p53 is nature’s way of keeping this species alive.” And making just less of p53 is nature’s way of killing off humans? You see, dr. Schiffman, that’s logical reasoning, but obviously too hard for you.

“The researchers hope their findings could one day lead to new cancer-fighting therapies in people.” indexThey hope that they could lead to something? That doesn’t show a lot of confidence in the importance of their findings. And new cancer-fighting therapies? That implies that there are old ones, but I don’t know any. At least not among the conventional treatments. Those treatments only support and cause cancer.

“The main impact of this remarkable story is to bring into focus the question of why we are so uniquely predisposed to cancer for our size and lifespan — and what we can do to change this.” Professon Greaves, I might have some information for you. Elephants usually don’t eat junk food and don’t have a mobile phone glued to their ears. And they don’t have a lot of particularly unhealthy habits that are so common among humans. If you wouldn’t be so arrogant you would look at what elephants do right and learn from it and then you might actually find out what the cause of cancer is and how you can cure it. But considering your fancy position I don’t think you are interested in that. So keep going with your research and make a fool of yourself. At least you will have a lot of money. And ignore that elephants are healthy and happy without money. After all, you wouldn’t want to learn anything from nature, would you?


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