Asthma and bacteria

One of the causes of asthma could be lack of gut bacteria. Of course that has been known for a long time, but researchers love to reinvent the wheel. Anything to keep themselves occupied.

The researchers talk about four key bacteria, but you can feel that that’s rubbish. We need all trillions of bacteria that inhabit our gut. And we don’t need all the same ones either. What bacteria live in your gut depends strongly on where you live, what your mother ate and what you eat yourself. For good gut flora it’s also really important that babies are born naturally and not with all kinds of medical interventions. The mother’s gut bacteria then start to populate the gut of the baby, where they can grow quickly to a healthy number. Breast milk is also really dirty-girl-dataimportant as it feeds the baby and its numerous little friends. And no, a baby doesn’t need a sterile environment. It’s OK if the baby puts dust and dirt from the floor into its mouth. It tells the gut about the environment, so that it can build an immune system targeted to the place where the baby lives. The body is a really neat machine, but scientists didn’t know that and need to do research to figure that one out.

“It shows there’s a short, maybe 100-day window for giving babies therapeutic interventions to protect against asthma,” Hooo, wait. Therapeutic intervention to give a baby good gut flora? The problem for many babies is way too many “therapeutic interventions”. It already starts with the mother who had too many antibiotics, so she doesn’t have proper gut bacteria. During pregnancy the mother often exposes the baby to a variety of not-so-great things: from alcohol and junk food to ultrasounds, drugs and vaccines. And then when the baby needs to be born doctors hardly allow that in a natural way. What babies and their mothers need is a lot less doctoring, not more. But that wouldn’t look good as the result of a study, so they come up with this stuff.

iStock_asthma“they were unsure why they would not be in equal levels in some babies.” Eh, maybe not all babies have been exposed to the same environmental factors? It’s just a suggestion. Maybe we are all different and react to things in a different way? Could be. But the researchers have no idea where to look.

“if it could possibly be safe to give that to children.” We have no idea, but let’s just develop a new treatment that we give to all healthy babies, just in case it might be good for a few. How far away from reality can you get? I have another suggestion for these researchers: look at nature and see what you can learn. Wouldn’t that be a good idea? Lions and giraffes don’t give birth in a hospital bed, so maybe for humans that might not be the best place either?

“He said the study also highlighted the importance of “prudent” use of antibiotics in very young children” What is prudent use of antibiotics in babies? These drugs should be kept away from children at any price. Maybe sometimes in life or death emergencies they could be considered, but there are natural treatments that often work just as well, or even beter, without harming the gut bacteria. But try to tell Australian doctors to be careful with antibiotics. 6817554-3x2-340x227You can just as well talk Sanskrit, for the message just doesn’t get through. It’s “normal” nowadays that at its first birthday a baby has already had multiple courses of antibiotics.

“Professor Turvey said the study showed “we need to change our relationship with bacteria”. Good idea. Let’s stop with the dangerous vaccines that are supposed to stop bacterial infections. Those vaccines are another major cause of asthma, but we aren’t allowed to know that. Don’t worry, many people start to realize it. In the age of the Internet we don’t need dumb researchers to tell us things that have been known for decades. And they don’t need to tell us that vaccines do not cause any damage. Those who have done their own private research know better.

But truth, facts and common sense don’t have a place in medical research. It would make the world way too simple and would make all those overpaid researchers unemployed. So they keep feeding us rubbish and when they don’t have enough of that they simply start to discover what has been known for a long time. It looks really dumb, but that has never stopped a medical researcher. I suppose the good pay makes up for about everything.


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