The Black Death and old fleas

Scientists think that bacteria in an old flea might be the ones that caused the Black Death. Let’s have a look how many assumptions are involved in this study.

The scientists have found a flea which they assume is 20 million years old. That’s an assumption, for there is no reliable way to measure the age of anything that old. And this flea carries bacteria of which the researchers think that this may be the cause of the bubonic plague. There is immediately a big problem: if the bacteria would be that old, then why didn’t the plague wipe out the whole of humanity? Something that contagious wouldn’t have given our species a chance to recover. indexAnother question is why the plague disappeared. You still hear occasionally about a few cases here or there, but that’s it. There was never a vaccine for it that could take the credit, so where did it go?

The flea was found in the Dominican Republic. Still I have never heard of large outbreaks of the plague in north or south America. So why didn’t these bacteria cause the disease? And how did it come to Europe to kill millions of people? Things just don’t add up here.

“Previously it was thought fleas became disease vectors, causing illness in animals, around 20,000 years ago.” I wonder why they think that. Do they have any proof for that? And why would that have only started 20,000 years ago and not a million years? The number of assumptions is gigantic and that doesn’t look good if you want to present something as science. “Now scientists like Dr Poinar, Jr., are rethinking that supposition.” Good! I suppose they will change their minds and come to the conclusion that fleas do not spread disease, because it doesn’t make much sense, and there is most definitely no proof for it. Never mind. I’m dreaming of course. These people never completely change their theories, as then they would lose their jobs.

6816246-3x2-700x467“If this is an ancient strain of Yersinia, it would be extraordinary,” No it would not, for it wouldn’t mean anything. I also wonder where the theory of strains comes from. It doesn’t seem to be based on any kind of science, but it’s mainly an escape when the usual theories don’t add up. Then at once it’s a different strain, which is supposed to behave differently.

The whole science of micro-organisms is seriously flawed and all the contradictions and other problems are conveniently ignored. That’s typical for loads of types of science, but bacteriology and virology are particularly bad, because nothing in their theories adds up and still they keep going. And they keep using their flawed theories to inflict fear on us humans. And then they try to convince us that they have the solution. But at some point they will go into the history books as the charlatans they are. And as far as I’m concerned that should better happen today than tomorrow.


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