Diabetes and blood pressure

A new study has confirmed people with high blood pressure have a much greater chance of developing diabetes. Congratulations for confirming what everyone already knew: when people have an unhealthy lifestyle that expresses itself in many different ways. The interesting thing is that researchers immediately make a connection that one causes the other. But that is not based on facts, but on assumptions. And on lack of common sense.

The professor says that those with high blood pressure have an almost 60% greater chance of developing diabetes. Of course. Like I already said, an unhealthy lifestyle usually doesn’t cause just one problem. 4156146-3x2-340x227E.g. a diet high in sugar will cause inflammation, which will cause heart disease, which causes high blood pressure. And the sugar will also cause diabetes. It’s not so hard to see for ordinary people. But for scientists this is way too simple. They look at numbers and try to find connections that don’t exist, just to make theories they can research further. It’s a way to keep your job safe.

The study showed that high blood pressure usually happens before diabetes kicks in. That’s not so strange if you know how the body works. Blood pressure can get really high in a matter of minutes. Ask at your local gym if you don’t believe it. But for the body to develop diabetes simply takes a longer time. So to see this as a sign that high blood pressure causes diabetes is a stretch.

Only people without heart disease were included in the study, but it’s unclear what they mean with that. It doesn’t seem to be the simple observation that if arteries are narrowed the blood needs more pressure to get through. That would be way too simple. Besides you can’t test that in a GP practice, so there is no use to include data you can’t easily obtain. Why ruining a good looking study anyway?

“However, Professor Patel said researchers would need to do more to prove there was a causal link and investigate whether lowering high blood pressure could prevent diabetes.” diabetesThere it is: a useless study that needs more studies to find out that actually the first study was useless. It’s a neat trick and it has already worked for a very long time.

But I can tell the professor a few things that she obviously doesn’t know. The body can regulate itself and our blood pressure is always exactly as high as it needs to be. Everyone is different and setting strict numbers for any test is absurd. And blood pressure lowering medication has proven to increase the death rate among patients. So instead of looking at the reason why blood pressure is elevated and instead of looking at the individual patient doctors should prescribe toxic medication that causes death. And that all to avoid that people get a disease that can entirely be avoided, and usually cured, by a change in lifestyle.

And for this rubbish the professor no doubt gets paid neatly. It’s not strange that the trillions of dollars a year for medical research give so few results. It’s all spent on writing very expensive fiction.


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