Cancer breakthrough

It’s raining medical breakthroughs this week. It’s such a shame that it won’t improve the health of even one person. Scientists have found a new treatment for oesophageal cancer. This new treatment means that the tumor will grow a bit slower. In cancer science that’s a breakthrough, which clearly shows the abysmal failure of this kind of research.

The researchers now want to use a drug used for ovarian cancer to treat patients with oesophageal cancer. Considering the lack of success of conventional treatments for ovarian cancer this doesn’t sound promising. And it’s not. The drug makes chemotherapy a bit more effective, so that the tumor growth is slowed down. But it keeps growing, so the disease won’t even come to a standstill. Two drugs at the same time might have marginally more effect, but it will also be significantly more toxic. Considering ithat most cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy die from it, this doesn’t sound like a good idea.cancer

But then at once a gene mutation enters the stage. Doctors are obsessed with genes nowadays, but oncologists seem to have the problem even stronger than other doctors. That’s not strange when more and more people get cancer and more and more people die from it, while your cure rate stays the same. You must then blame something and genes are an easy target. For it takes away any responsibility from both patient and doctor and it becomes all a matter of fate.

The hidden message of this breakthrough story is that conventional treatments have a shocking failure rate. Not more than 1-2% of the patients get cured and even that’s probably optimistic. For those who have been given up and then cure themselves with a natural treatment are included in this percentage, though they got cured in spite of, not thanks to, conventional treatment. 50 years of treatment with cutting, burning and poisoning hasn’t increased the number of cures at all. So isn’t it time that these cancer researchers get a bit honest with themselves?breast-cancer-ribbon-29063708 The only thing oncology achieves is killing patients, not curing them. For most people who are said to have died from cancer actually died from the cancer treatment. Without treatment they would have lived a lot longer, and in much better health.

There are hundreds of highly effective cancer treatments, but the conventional three aren’t among them. These are all natural treatments, which are not profitable at all. And that’s why we don’t read about them in the newspapers and magazines. And why doctors don’t know about them. Oncologists will tell you that these natural treatments are unscientific. But I would prefer a non-scientific, safe and effective treatment over being killed by scientifically proven poison. And so would everyone. If they would just know the truth.


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